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Nascar Stars At Fairbury And Peoria – Kenny Wallace Tops Mods At Peoria

(Macon, IL) NASCAR Stars Kenny Wallace and Ken Schrader visited Fairbury American Legion Speedway on Tuesday Night and Peoria Speedway on Wednesday night. Large crowds were treated to outstanding racing action, autograph sessions after the races, prizes and shining performances by both Schrader and Wallace.

Lynn Chevrolet and Pantagraph.com brought the Night of NASCAR Stars to Fairbury that included the UMP Late models and Modifieds with David Porth of Gardner, IL taking home the top prize in the Modified division and Dennis Erb, Jr. of Carpentersville, IL winning the Late Model feature.

Wednesday night at Peoria featured three divisions: UMP Late Models, Modifieds, and 4 cyl Hornets. NASCAR Star Kenny Wallace ran a close race with Billy Tuckwell. It was Wallace in front when the checkered flags flew. Late Model action saw a repeat of the night before with Dennis Erb posting his second straight win in as many nights. Ken Schrader finished 5th with Kenny Wallace in 7th. Lonnie Gibson, Jr. took home first place honors in the Hornet Feature.

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UMP Late Model, Fairbury, 5/22/2007
Feature:1. Dennis Erb, Jr. (Carpentersville, IL), 2. Wes Steininger (Fairbury, IL), 3. Ryan Dauber, (Tonica, IL), 4. Randy Korte (Highland, IL), 5. Kevin Weaver (Gibson City, IL) 6. Richard Hedrick (Champaign, IL), 7. Jason Feger (Bloomington, IL), 8. Donny Walden (Towanda, IL), 9. Scott Bull (Fairbury, IL), 10. Ken Wallace ( MO)

UMP Modified, Fairbury, 5/22/2007
Feature:1. David Porth (Gardner, IL), 2. Denny Schwartz (Ashmore, IL), 3. Gary Cook, Jr. (Mackinaw, IL) 4. Lance Dehm (Chatsworth, IL) 5. Matt Bachman (Gibson City, IL) 6. Aaron Ricketts (Fairbury, IL) 7. Jeb Friedman, (Fairbury, IL) 8. Charles Patrick 9. Joel Funk (Dwight, IL) 10. Jason Hastings (Kankakee, IL)

UMP Late Model, Peoria, 5/23/2007
Feature:1. Dennis Erb, Jr. (Carpentersville, IL), 2. Ed Dixon (MO), 3. Tim Lance, 4. Wes Steininger (Fairbury, IL), 5. Ken Schrader (MO) 6. Rusty Griffaw (MO), 7. Kenny Wallace (MO), 8. Todd Bennett, 9. Greg Longfellow, 10. Lance Alcorn

UMP Modified, Peoria, 5/23/2007
Feature:1. Ken Wallace (MO) 2. Billy Tuckwell, 3. Butch Weisser 4. Chuck Barnes, 5. Mike Mosher, 6. Gary Cook, Jr. (Mackinaw, IL) 7. Gary Scharp, 8. Tommy Duncan, 9. Floyd Jordan, 10. Dan Dozard

UMP Hornet, Peoria, 5/23/2007 1. Lonnie Gibson, Jr., 2. Jeremy Kingsley, 3. Tom Putney, 4. Sean Leatherman, 5. Melissa Sinkhorn, 6. Geno Kalb, 7. Kenneth Butterfield, 8. Brad Miller, 9. Chris Osborne, 10. Matt Musgrave

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