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UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals Race 21: Korte Surges to La Salle Speedway Summer Nationals Victory

Randy Korte

Unzicker, Korte & Voigt battle 3 wide for the lead!


La Salle, IL — July 9, 2009 — Just as he’s done throughout the first 20 nights of the UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals Tour, points leader Randy Korte made a crowd-rousing charge to the front of the pack on Thursday night at La Salle Speedway. This time he made it pay off by grabbing the top spot with 12 laps to go and holding off Shannon Babb to capture his third victory of the 2009 Hell Tour.

Fifth-starting Korte, of Highland, Ill., maneuvered his way methodically through the field, passing leader Ryan Unzicker on lap 28 of the 40-lap main event to claim the $6,000 winner’s prize.

“It just didn’t seem like the bottom was very good,” Korte said. “I just moved up to the middle of the race track and the car seemed to come to life.”

Korte stretched his lead in the Hell Tour overall standings to 14 points over two-time and defending champion Dennis Erb Jr., of Carpentersville, Ill. With two races to go Korte, the 2006 UMP DIRTcar Late Model national champion, won’t let that affect his focus.

“We’re just chasing the race tracks, and chasing our race car,” said Korte, who has never won a UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals crown. “However, this turns out it’s been a great UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals for me.”

Shannon Babb of Moweaqua, Ill., used a tremendous run from the ninth to finish second, eventually taking a shot at Korte in the closing laps only to fall a few car lengths short. “We might not have been perfect at all but we managed to ride around the first half of the race,” said Babb, a two-time Hell Tour champion. “The middle started to work for Randy. I saw that so I moved up there and it seemed to work for us.”

Erb, who followed Babb from the 10th on the grid, rounded out the podium. “I just waited for everyone to spread out a bit so we had some room to race,” said Erb, of his early strategy. “I had to go up to the top which was a little rough but we got around a bunch of cars there at the end.”

Ryan Unzicker, of El Paso Ill., who lead early in the main event, settled for fourth while polesitter Rodney Melvin, of Logan, Ill., rounded out the top five.

Heat 1
1. 42 Terry Casey
2. 00 Randy Korte
3. 18 Shannon Babb
4. 9x Kenny Schrader
5. 55 Shawn Torzeck
6. 83 Scott Bull
7. 16la Shane Allen
8. 5 Bryant Dickinson
9. 49 Scott Brewer
10. 55 Jeep Van Wormer
11. 25 Jason Feger

Heat 2
1. 24 Ryan Unzicker
2. 7b Mark Burgtorf
3. 28 Dennis Erb
4. 1w Donny Walden
5. 5x Brett Sievert
6. 5s Steve Sheppard
7. m14 Brandon Thirlby
8. 43 Alan Gendusa
9. B5 Brandon Sheppard
10. 11x Steve Dimmick

Heat 3
1. 27 Rodney Melvin
2. b12 Kevin Weaver
3. 10s Scott Schmitt
4. m27 Mike Provenzano
5. 21b Rich Bell
6. 40 Charley Hess
7. 99j Jimmy Dehm
8. K9 Mike Glynn
9. 55l Jim Loomis
10. 11m Rodger Markham

Heat 4
1. 30v Mark Voigt
2. 16c Don O’Neal
3. 23 Ted Loomis
4. 7 John Provenzano
5. 99jr Frank Heckenast jr
6. 77 Jason McBride
7. 35 Derek Chandler
8. 9s Eric Smith
9, 10m Ralph Markham
10. 111 Curt Spalding

C main
1. 9s Eric Smith
2. B5 Brandon Sheppard
3. K9 Mike Glynn
4. 10m Ralph Markham
5. 111 Curt Spalding
6. 49 Scott Brewer
7. 55l Jim Loomis
8. 5 Bryant Dickinson
9. 11x Steve Dimmick
10. 43 Alan Gendusa

B Main
1. 99jr Frank Heckenast jr
2. 95 Aaron Rickett
3. 55 Jim Loomis
4. 77 Jason McBride
5. 83 Scott Bull
6. B5 Brandon Sheppard
7. 21b Rich Bell
8. 40 Charley Hess
9. 35 Derek Chandler
10. 9s Eric Smith
11. 10m Ralph Markham
12. 99j Jimmy Dehm
13. 16la Shane Allen
14. M14 Brandon Thirlby

1. 00 Randy Korte
2. 18 Shannon Babb
3. 28 Dennis Erb
4. 24 Ryan Unzicker
5. 27 Rodney Melvin
6. B12 Kevin Weaver
7. 7b Mark Burgtorf
8. 99jr Frank Heckenast
9. 23 Ted Loomis
10. m27 Mike Provenzano
11. 10s Scott Schmitt
12. 1w Donny Walden
13. 25 Jason Feger
14. 42 Terry Casey
15. 30v Mark Voigt
16. 9x Kenny Schrader
17. 5s Steve Sheppard
18. 5x Brett Sievert
19. 7 John Provenzano
20. 10m Ralph Markham
21. 16c Don O’Neal


Terry Casey of New London Wis., paced the 42 other UMP DIRTcar Late Model competitors in qualifying time trials using a lap of 12.642 seconds around the quarter-mile La Salle (Ill.) Speedway to claim top honors in group one. Other fast time honors went to Dennis Erb Jr., Rodney Melvin, and Ted Loomis.

Heat race one saw polesitter Terry Casey earn the win over Shannon Babb. Jeep Van Wormer and Jason Feger were involved in a turn four tangle that eventually sidelined both cars for the remainder of heat race action. Ryan Unzicker claimed heat race two after lapped traffic helped him past then leader Brandon Sheppard of New Berlin, Ill.

Rodney Melvin and Gibson City, Ill., driver Kevin Weaver dualed side by side for the majority of heat race three. Melvin eventually held off the former UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals champion Weaver. Mark Voigt of Marine, Ill. claimed the second heat race ahead of a mad scramble for the second spot which Martinsville. Ind., driver Don O’Neal claimed.

Eric Smith won the night’s B-Main while Frank Heckenast of Orland Park, Ill., claimed the B-Main win on what was the young driver’s 21st birthday. Bret Sievert of New Berlin, Wis., also garnered a transfer position via his second place finish in the evening’s B-Main. Provisionals were used by Jason Feger of Bloomington Ill., Steve Sheppard Jr. of New Berlin, Ill., and Ralph Markham of Maple Park, Ill.

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2009 UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals Schedule


06/11/09 Brownstown Speedway – Brownstown, IN – $6,000 (Jeep VanWormer – 43)
06/12/09 Kankakee Motor Speedway – Kankakee,IL – $10,000 (Billy Moyer – 51)
06/13/09 Kamp Motor Speedway – Boswell, IN – $10,000 (Eric Smith – 44)
06/14/09 Quad City Raceway – East Moline, IL – $6,000 (Dennis Erb – 31)
06/16/09 Highland Speedway – Highland, IL – $6,000 (RAIN)
06/17/09 Belle-Clair Speedway – Belleville, IL – $6,000 (Dennis Erb – 47)
06/18/09 Charleston Speedway – Charleston, IL – $6,000 (RAIN)
06/19/09 Farmer City Raceway – Farmer City, IL – $10,000 (RAIN)
06/20/09 Clarksville Speedway – Clarksville, TN – $10,000 (Billy Moyer – 44)
06/21/09 Tri-State Speedway – Haubstadt, IN – $6,000 (Jeep Van Wormer – 43)
06/23/09 Charleston Speedway – Charleston, IL $6,000 (Rodney Melvin – 26)
06/24/09 Tri-City Speedway – Pontoon Beach, IL $6,000 (Jason Feger – 34)
06/25/09 Clay Hill Motorsports Park – Atwood, TN – $6,000 (Billy Moyer – 38)
06/26/09 Paducah International Raceway – Paducah, KY – $10,000 (Billy Moyer – 41)
06/27/09 Fairbury Speedway – Fairbury, IL – $10,000 (Billy Moyer – 34)
06/28/09 Lincoln Speedway – Lincoln, IL – $6,000 (Randy Korte – 35)
06/29/09 Farmer City Raceway – Farmer City,IL $6,000 (Dennis Erb Jr. – 34)
06/30/09 Peoria Speedway – Peoria, IL – $6,000 (Jason Feger – 39)
07/01/09 Highland Speedway – Highland, IL – $6,000 (Jeep Van Wormer – 39)
07/02/09 Macon Speedway – Macon, IL – $6,000 (Shannon Babb – 34)
07/03/09 Quincy Raceway – Quincy, IL – $10,000 (Shannon Babb – 33)
07/04/09 I-55 Raceway – Pevely, MO – $10,000 (RAIN)
07/05/09 Vermillion County Speedway – Danville, IL – $6,000 (Randy Korte – 35)
07/07/09 Shepp Speedway – Alexandria, IL – $6,000 (Shannon Babb – 33)
07/08/09 Spoon River Speedway – Canton,IL $6,000 (RAIN)
07/09/09 La Salle Speedway – La Salle, IL – $6,000 (Randy Korte – 42)
07/10/09 Waynesfield Motorsports Park – Waynesfield, OH – $10,000
07/11/09 Oakshade Raceway – Wauseon, OH – 10,000

The UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals is brought to race fans by many important sponsors and partners, including: VP Racing Fuels, CJ Rayburn Race Cars, Hoosier Racing Tire, Quarter Master, Just Plugs, Special Olympics, Wrisco Aluminum, Eibach Springs, and Integra Racing Shocks.

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