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Victories By Harrison & Feger Highlight Opening Night Of DIRTcar UMP National Championships At Eldora Speedway

Eldora SpeedwayROSSBURG, OH – Oct. 8, 2010 – Mike Harrison of Highland, Ill., certainly got his weekend started off right on Friday night at Eldora Speedway, winning a UMP Modified heat race to position him well in his pursuit of the division’s 2010 national crown during the annual DIRTcar UMP National Championships.

Jason Feger of Bloomington, Ill., meanwhile, was the evening’s big DIRTcar Late Model victor, capturing the Race of Champions event that featured 2010 full-fender titlists from across the circuit.

Harrison, 36, was one of eight drivers to earn a UMP Modified heat-race triumph on a night that saw 118 ultra-competitive cars sign in for the points-season-ending program. Other heat winners were NASCAR veteran Ken Schrader of Fenton, Mo., Brian Ruhlman of Clarklake, Mich., David McWilliams of Verona, Ky., former DIRTcar UMP Nationals winner Jared Landers of Batesville, Ark., Curtis Coulter of Leamington, Ont., and former UMP Modified national champion Denny Schwartz of Ashmore, Ill.

Harrison can clinch his second career UMP Modified national title by finishing first or second in Saturday night’s DIRTcar UMP National Championship A-Main. He can also secure the championship if Nick Allen of Wheatfield, Ind., fails to win the feature.

While Allen is actually third in the UMP Modified national points standings entering this weekend’s action, he is the only driver who still has a mathematical chance to overtake Harrison for the title. Devin Gilpin of Columbus, Ind., trails Harrison by 11 points but can only gain a maximum of 10 points at Eldora because the worst points night he is replacing is a 75 (Eldora’s winner will earn 85 points). Allen is replacing a 70-point night, giving him an opportunity to pick up 15 points with a win and grab his first career national title if Harrison does not finish second.

Allen was the runner-up in Friday’s second heat race, sending him into Saturday’s headliner with a shot at creating some national championship drama.

Feger, the 2010 DIRTcar Summer Nationals champion, closed the night’s program with a triumphant run in the Late Model Race of Champions. He held off a furious late-race onslaught from three-time DIRTcar Late Model national champion Dennis Erb Jr. of Carpentersville, Ill., to earn a $1,000 winner’s check.

Erb settled for a close second ahead of a furious three-way battle for third. Double-duty driver Brian Ruhlman took the show position, followed by Rusty Schlenk of Jackson, Mich., who enters the weekend having already clinched the 2010 DIRTcar UMP Late Model national title, and Frank Heckenast Jr. of Orland Park, Ill.

Saturday night’s action includes heat races, B-Mains and a feature for the DIRTcar Late Models and B-Mains and the A-Main for the UMP Modifieds. Race time is 6 p.m.

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DIRTcar UMP National Championships – Night 1

UMP Modifieds

Heat 1: 1. Ken Schrader[4]; 2. Scott Orr[3]; 3. Mike Spatola[11]; 4. Dean Hoffman[2]; 5. Rusty Griffaw[6]; 6. Dennis Roberson[5]; 7. Greg Amick[9]; 8. Lance Dehm[7]; 9. Anthony Davis[13]; 10. Derek Groomer[14]; 11. Randle Sweeney[1]; 12. Brian Lynn[8]; 13. Justin Mccoy[12]; 14. Jessie Snyder[10]; 15. Matt Shadic[15]

Heat 2: 1. Clint Demoss[1]; 2. Nick Allen[3]; 3. Kevin Sather[2]; 4. Brent Hole[11]; 5. Jimmy Hayden[7]; 6. Mike Wilbern[9]; 7. Jacob Poel[5]; 8. Timi Dalman[12]; 9. Corey Bevard[14]; 10. Matt Bex[6]; 11. Michael Neighbors[13]; 12. Nick Katterhenry[4]; 13. Justin Matson[8]; 14. Casey Luedeke[10]

Heat 3: 1. Brian Ruhlman[4]; 2. Jeff Leka[3]; 3. Brian Hayden[1]; 4. Bobby Kitchen[5]; 5. Jesse Bitterling[6]; 6. Tim Richardson[2]; 7. Jamie Lomax[8]; 8. Todd Sherman[9]; 9. Jeff Sayles[14]; 10. Dave Crawley Jr[11]; 11. Andy Strait[12]; 12. Ryan Cripe[15]; 13. Jerrid Back[10]; 14. Jeep Van Wormer[7]; 15. Broc Burton[13]

Heat 4: 1. David Mcwilliams[2]; 2. Jeff Babcock[3]; 3. Kyle Strickler[1]; 4. Chris Puskas[8]; 5. Jacoby Hines[6]; 6. Corey Partin[11]; 7. John Allen[12]; 8. Aaron Jenkins[9]; 9. Scott Knepley[7]; 10. Jeremy Lewis[10]; 11. Bryant Dickinson[13]; 12. Ray Jackson[15]; 13. Mike Roediger[5]; 14. Cody Weisner[4]; 15. Steve Lach[14]

Heat 5: 1. Mike Harrison[4]; 2. Jerry Bowersock[3]; 3. Ed Roley[2]; 4. Levi Kissinger[5]; 5. George Catanzano[6]; 6. Tyler Deibert[7]; 7. Trent Green[9]; 8. Greg Socha[10]; 9. Chad Evans[15]; 10. John Brooks[13]; 11. Dave Baker[12]; 12. Joel Dick[8]; 13. Andy Galgoci[11]; 14. J D Lease[14]; 15. Rob Trent[1]

Heat 6: 1. Jared Landers[4]; 2. Doug Adkins[3]; 3. Brent Mullins[1]; 4. Brian Post[7]; 5. Bryce Jewell[8]; 6. Travis Stemler[5]; 7. Brian Przepiora[6]; 8. Eddie Reyes[9]; 9. David Mielke[10]; 10. Jim Bailey[13]; 11. Dave Sibberson[12]; 12. Rodney Morris[11]; 13. Mike Dirksen[2]; 14. Schuyler Nahre[14]; 15. Larry Passenier[15]

Heat 7: 1. Curtis Coulter[2]; 2. Dustin King[1]; 3. Jeff Harris[4]; 4. Justin Coulter[6]; 5. Kasey Schrock[5]; 6. John McCaul[3]; 7. Jimmy Westerfield[14]; 8. Jason Kinney[8]; 9. Chad Rosenbeck[7]; 10. David Daughtery[13]; 11. Nick Rosselit[10]; 12. Doug Hewitt[11]; 13. Zeke McKenzie[9]; 14. Pat Ehlert[12]

Heat 8: 1. Denny Schwartz[2]; 2. Devin Gilpin[3]; 3. Ed Shaner[7]; 4. Mark Kowarsch[1]; 5. David Smith[8]; 6. Shelby Miles[4]; 7. Mike Chrisman[6]; 8. Jim Farris Sr[5]; 9. Shane Unger[10]; 10. Aaron Taylor[11]; 11. Steve Grote[9]; 12. Chris Vandewiele[12]; 13. Danny Schwartz[13]; 14. Rich Robinson Jr.[14];

Late Model Race of Champions: 1. Jason Feger[2]; 2. Dennis Erb Jr.[5]; 3. Brian Ruhlman[4]; 4. Rusty Schlenk[1]; 5. Frank Heckenast[7]; 6. Dillan White[8]; 7. Jeff Walston[9]; 8. Brian Shirley[6]; 9. Jeep Van Wormer[3];

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