Hoosier A40S Will Replace A40 As Approved DIRTcar UMP Modified Division Tire Compound Beginning April 1, 2015

DirtcarRacingTeams May Run A40 Compound Until Stock is Depleted; Tire Grooving to be Phased Out Throughout 2015

Concord, NC – October 24th, 2015 – DIRTcar Racing along with Hoosier Racing Tire today announced plans to implement a new tire compound in the DIRTcar UMP Modified division in 2015.

Corresponding with the opening weekend of the 2015 DIRTcar UMP point season, the new Hoosier A40S compound tire will replace the Hoosier A40 as the approved tire for the DIRTcar UMP Modified division beginning April 1, 2015. Teams will still be allowed to run A40 compound tires beyond April 1st for as long as it takes to deplete their stock.

In addition to the implementation of the A40S compound, tire grooving will be phased out of the DIRTcar UMP Modified division in 2015. Teams will be permitted to run grooved tires on any corner of the race car through the last weekend of June, at which point grooved tires will be allowed only on the front of the car for the remainder of 2015. No grooved tires will be allowed in 2016.

“After reviewing the feedback of the race teams concerning the A40 Modified tire, we are thrilled, in conjunction with Hoosier Racing Tire, to introduce a reconstructed and improved A40S Modified tire for the 2015 season.,” said DIRTcar UMP Series Director Sam Driggers. “Appearance is similar to the current A40. The primary difference is the expected durability of the new tire. The current A40 will remain a legal tire, but once the inventory is depleted, the A40S will be the approved tire.”

The new A40S tire will feature an improved compound that is similar to the Hoosier LM30S tire that was implemented in the DIRTcar Late Model division at the beginning of the 2014 season. In replacing the LM30 compound, the LM30S has received positive reviews from Late Model teams for its improved durability over the LM30, leading DIRTcar and Hoosier to develop an adaptation of the LM30S for use in the Modified division.