Wescott Leads All 35 Laps to Win First Career Pro Stock Series Feature

Local Street Stock Star Shows off His Ability in a New Ride

MALTA, N. Y. – Wednesday, July 10, 2013 – It may be Byron Wescott’s first year in a Pro Stock, but he isn’t ready to back down to the best in the division. Wescott led flag-to-flag in Tuesday’s 35-lap DIRTcar Pro Stock Series race at Albany-Saratoga Speedway, beating the likes of Rob Yetman and Jocelyn Roy to the finish line.

“I knew to just hold my line, and stay to the bottom, and make them go around me,” the local driver, of Burnt, Hills, N. Y., said. “I didn’t think there would be a top groove like that. I wasn’t perfect, I bobbled here and there, but I had enough to sustain a lead.”

After some years of success in a Street Stock, Wescott was offered a ride in Joe Lazarro’s No. 00, and it seems to suit him. He placed third in his heat and drew the pole for Tuesday’s feature during Brett Hearn’s The Big Show 5.
From the green flag on, Wescott led the race, outlasting six cautions, the last three within the final five laps of the race. Dan Older charged ahead on the Lap 34 restart to challenge for the lead, but Wescott stayed ahead through the checkered flag.

“We were fortunate enough to draw the pole position, and that was critical,” said Wescott, who runs just once a week – every Friday at Albany-Saratoga. “It helps that I run here on a weekly basis, so I’m familiar with the track.”
Older finished second, followed by Chuck Towslee in third, Ken Martin in fourth, and Pete Broderson in fifth.

The next DIRTcar Pro Stock Series race is set for Saturday, September 7, at Autodrome Drummond. For more information about the DIRTcar Pro Stock Series, visit www.dirtcarump.com. Follow @DIRTcarNE on Twitter and “like” the “DIRTcar Racing” Facebook page for the latest news and updates about the series.

1. 00 Byron Wescott – Burnt Hills, N. Y.
2. 97 Dan Older
3. 23 Chuck Towslee – Manchester, Vt.
4. 93 Ken Martin – Glenville, N. Y.
5. 53B Pete Broderson – Ballston Spa, N. Y.
6. 73 P. J. Peters – Akwesasne, N. Y.
7. 10 Cale Kneer – Troy, N. Y.
8. 48R Jocelyn Roy – St-Helene, Quebec
9. 4c Dean Charbonneau – Clifton Park, N. Y.
10. 7Y Rob Yetman – Castleton, N. Y.
11. 87 Walt Brownell – Galway, N. Y.
12. 99 Ghislain Valade – North Lancaster, Ontario
13. 47 Dave Bissonnette – Cornwall, Ontario
14. 2h Luke Horning – Gloversville, N. Y.
15. 12 Alain Brochu – Granby, Quebec
16. 715 Gus Hollner – Gloversville, N. Y.
17. 51 Dennis Joslin
18. 6 Stephane Lebrun – Gatineau, Quebec
19. 4 Rock Aubin – Cornwall, Ontario
20. 8 Mark Lalonde – L’Orignal, Quebec
21. 11 Ed Thompson – Castleton, Vt.
22. 14 Kim Duell – Porter Corners, N. Y.
23. 12 Dave Emigh
24. 7d Chuck Dumblonski – Amsterdan, N. Y.
25. 2 Brandon Emigh
26. 88p Allen Peters – Akwesasne, N. Y.
27. 17 Jocelyn Chicoine – St-Marc, Quebec
28. 27N Nick Stone – Rotterdam Junction, N. Y.

Heat 1: Bissonnette, Thompson, Wescott, Duell, Martin, Roy, Chicoine, Lalonde, Yetman, Santoro
Heat 2: W. Brownell, P.J. Peters, Kneer, Lebrun, D. Emigh, Valade, Horning, Hollner, A. Peters
Heat 3: Older, Towslee, Broderson, B. Emigh, Dublewski, Brochu, Aubin, Stone, Joslin, Charboneau
Time Trials: 1. 47 Dave Bissonnette, 18.629; 2. 11 Ed Thompson, 18.668; 3. 01 Vincent Santoro, 18.760; 4. 97 Dan Older, 18.826; 5. 53B Pete Broderson, 18.849; 6. 23 Chuck Towslee, 18.857; 7. 7Y Rob Yetman, 18.882; 8. 2 Brandon Emigh, 18.938; 9. 87 Walt Brownell, 18.951; 10. 12 Dave Emigh, 19.063; 11. 10 Cale Kneer, 19.125; 12. 14 Kim Duell, 19.143; 13. 73 P. J. Peters, 19.169; 14. 6 Stephane Lebrun, 19.235; 15. 93 Ken Martin, 19.251; 16. 715 Gus Hollner, 19.343; 17. 48R Jocelyn Roy, 19.391; 18. 2h Luke Horning, 19.403; 19. 7d Chuck Dumblonski, 19.427; 20. 4 Rock Aubin, 19.436; 21. 27 Nick Stone, 19.564; 22. 51 Dennis Joslin, 19.637; 23. 17 Jocelyn Chicoine, 19.638; 24. 99 Ghislain Valade, 19.664; 25. 4c Dean Charbonneau, 19.938; 26. 88p Allen Peters, 20.116; 27. 8 Mark Lalonde, 20.241

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