DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Event #6 – J & S Heating and Air Conditioning ‘50’

Merrittville Speedway, Thorold, Ontario – Canada


DIRTcar, Track Staffing and Contacts;


Gary Spaid                                             585-734-5959         aces2@frontiernet.net

Bob Dini                                                 917-939-5417         bdini@dirtcar.com

Scott Fremouw                                       315-521-0530         sfremouw@dirtcar.com

Jamie Weaknecht                                  610-349-5413         SuperDIRTpr@dirtcar.com

Joe Skotnicki                                         704-796-4566         jskotnicki@dirtcar.com


Merrittville Speedway


Erica Bicknell                                         905-892-8266         ebicknell@cogeco.net


Event Schedule;


Saturday – September 10th, 2011 – DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series J&S Heating and Air Conditioning ‘50’

General Daily Schedule:


  • 5:00 pm – Pit Gates Open, Transporter Parking, Teams Enter (Draw Begins), Inspection Begins
  • 5:30 pm – MANDATORY Driver’s Meeting
  • 6:20 pm – Hot Laps
  • 6:45 pm – Group Time Trials
  • 7:00 pm – Qualifying Races
  • Followed by ‘B-Mains’
  • Followed by J&S Heating and Air Conditioning 50 DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series


DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Event Specific Rules;


Rulebook: 2011 Super DIRTcar / DIRTcar Rule Book –


Note: This Event will have ‘Timed Hot Laps’ to determine the Qualifying Race Lineup.




B.) Only Hoosier Racing Tires will be permitted in any DIRTcar sanctioned events. Hoosier (the tire manufacturer) will mark/stamp/brand all legal tires with specified compound and/or other specific DIRTcar designations as listed below;


Front or Rear Tires;


1.) “DIRT Soft”        2.) “DIRT Hard”


1.) “M45”                                 2.) “D50”                                 3.) “D60”


Tire Size and Compound Designation:

1.) 11/87-15 M45, D50

2.) 11/90-15 M45, D60


Fuel; Only ‘D’-type VP Racing Gasoline, the official fuel of DIRTcar will be permitted for competition. VP D-98 or a maximum octane will be the only specified fuel permitted at any sanctioned DIRTcar and/or Super DIRTcar Series event. In addition a maximum “94 octane, R+M/2” standard pump gasoline will be permitted. Blending of fuels or gasoline, including VP spec (including ‘D’) fuels of different octane will not be permitted. Alcohol, methanol, nitrous oxide, nitro-methane and/or propylene oxide will not be permitted. Fuel may be subject to inspection and testing at any time. Proof of purchase for the official fuel of DIRTcar may be required.

DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Event Specific Rules;


  • 30 Car Field Maximum. (4 Provisional positions available to the Top-12 in the current 2011 season championship point standings.)
  • Number of Qualifying Races will be based on the total number cars competing in the event. (8-lap qualifying races)


  • 2 (or more) ‘B’-Features (10-laps) – Number of Transfers will be posted.


  • Top 12 Driver’s from qualifying will redraw for starting position in the feature.


  • The race will be based on the 150-point schedule. Please reference the attached bulletin in regard to weekly DIRTcar points for the first two events of the 2011 season.


*** Payoff will be after the conclusion of the event. Payoff for this event will be conducted by the track.







Event Specific Rules Continued;


–       All starts are side-by-side until the green flag is displayed. The front row must maintain the pace established by the pace car and will be signaled to do so on the one-way radio, if in the judgment of the Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Officials, the pace is not maintained a penalty and/or penalties may be issued.

–       All restarts in all races (qualifying, B-Main’s and or the Feature) will be double-file with lead lap cars to the front and take place near the exit of turn four as specified in the driver’s meeting. Single file restarts may be instituted at any time during any race at the discretion of the Series Director.

–       The leader is the control car on all starts and/or restarts

–       Caution laps will not count.

–       If at any time the red flag is displayed and competitors are signaled to stop due to a red flag condition, cars must come to a complete stop. After the field is stopped and is under control of the pace car, Mr. DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Officials, will instruct any vehicle not involved in the red flag incident that needs to pit for service, to pull up to the pace car prior to being released to the pit area on the one-way radio. Any car that pits during the red flag period will be required to restart at the tail of the field in their respective position. If any car heads to the pits without following the instructing over the one-way radio, a 1-lap penalty may be issued.

–       All races will end with a green-white-checker finish

–       One-way radios are mandatory.

–       When the caution is displayed, please get into single-file order, you will be signaled over the one-way radio when it is time to go double-file and/or restart single file.

–       It is mandatory to have the following decals on the car (DIRTcar, Super DIRTcar Series, VP Racing Fuels and Hoosier) and the driver must have a VP patch on his uniform.

–       To be eligible for other available contingencies you must run the decals. Included is a guided map for two available options to place decals on your vehicle.

–       Immediately following the conclusion of the event, the first place car needs to go to the scale first, then we need second and third to the scales and to victory lane.


Technical Inspection:


Be prepared for inspection at Merrittville Speedway. Technical Inspection begins at 5:00 pm on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 – (Bob Dini, Scott Fremouw):


Safety and General Inspection

Carburetor Inspection

Post Race Weights:

GM Crate 602 Crate Engine Sportsman Modified = 2,450 lbs


General Body Inspection

Pre-Race Engine Inspection

Fuel Samples from Fuel Cell

Overall Inspection


*** Note: There will be post-race inspection in the located in the inspection area, following the completion of Victory Lane Ceremonies.


Starting Field:


1.) Qualified                                          2.) Qualified

3.) Qualified                                          4.) Qualified

5.) Qualified                                          6.) Qualified

7.) Qualified                                          8.) Qualified

9.) Qualified                                          10.) Qualified

11.) Qualified                                       12.) Qualified

13.) Qualified                                       14.) Qualified

15.) Qualified                                       16.) Qualified

17.) Qualified                                       18.) Qualified

19.) Qualified                                       20.) Qualified

21.) B-Main Car 1                                                22.) B-Main Car 2

23.) B-Main Car 3                                                24.) B-Main Car 4

24.) B-Main Car 5                                                25.) B-Main Car 6

25.) B-Main Car 7                                                26.) B-Main Car 8

27.) Provisional 1                                                28.) Provisional 2

29.) Provisional 3                                                30.) Provisional 4