Robert Delormier Conquers DirtCar Sportsman Series Field at Cornwall

Robert Delormier Conquers DirtCar Sportsman Series Field at Cornwall

By: Tim Baltz

In the eleven previous tour races held at the Cornwall Motor Speedway, the DirtCar Sportsman Series has produced a total of eight different winners in track history. With 2018 Martin Pelletier on to the 358 Modified ranks for 2019 it left everyone with a clear shot to claim a checkered flag.

Ryan Stabler would jump into the early race lead at the start of the 50-lap event over Kaven Poliquin, Robert Delormier, Justin Desrosiers and Johnathon Ferguson. Stabler who has only 3 career wins in the DirtCar Sportsman ranks, was looking strong on this night as he pulled away on a slick race track in the early laps as behind him Robert Delormier was making his move forward to the number two spot. 

On lap 5 Delormier would make his move and quickly close in on Ryan Stabler who was starting to enter into traffic. By lap 12 the top two had pulled away from the field and were cutting through the traffic perfectly while Brianna Ladouceur was also on the charge from her 8th starting spot. Ladouceur who had previously competed in the 150-lap 358 Modified race earlier in the day, was running on pure adrenaline as she got by Kaven Poliquin on lap 20. 

At the halfway point Stabler and Delormier were battling hard for the lead but traffic was making it very difficult for the two of them which allow Ladouceur to close in and make it a 3-car battle. On lap 38 the first yellow flew as Jeffrey Lapalme slowed to a stop in turn 4.

When the green flew Robert Delormier knew it was go-time as he took over the lead and started to drive away. Behind him, Brianna Ladouceur was also on the charge as she battled Ryan Stabler for 2nd over the final 10 laps with Johnathon Ferguson 4th and former series champion and 8-time Cornwall feature winner Shane Pecore completing the top 5. 

In the end, Robert Delormier would go unchallenged claiming his 2nd career DirtCar Sportsman Series win and first on the North Region in 2019. Brianna Ladouceur’s busy night resulted in a second-place run followed by Ryan Stabler, Johnathon Ferguson, and Shane Pecore.

The North Region takes a couple of weeks away before getting back to action at the Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway and Travis Bruno will look to defend home turf after winning the regional opener on May 4th.

DirtCar Sportsman Series North Region Race 2 (50 laps)

1X- Robert Delormier, 15B- Brianna Ladouceur, 77E- Ryan Stabler, 44- Johnathon Ferguson, 0- Shane Pecore, 3- Adam Rozon, 49- Kaven Poliquin, 66- Moise Page, 35- Thomas Cook, 1R- Ricky Thompson, 22C- Cedric Gauvreau, 38J- Jarrett Herbison, 4- Jason Shipclark, 94- Gabriel Cyr, 29A- Justin Desrosiers, 28K- Kurtis Cayer, 22S- Shane Stearns, R7- Lonnie Rivers, 1- Justin Lalancette, 35R- William Racine, 18- Bob Ray, 18JR- Jason Rose, 48- Patrick Picotin, 33- Travis Bruno, 95- Felix Murray, 04- Scott McGill, 78D- Domonick Merkley, 41- Samuel Charland, 88- Jeffrey Lapalme, 21W- Devin Willis

Fast Time- Adam Rozon: 13.864

Heat Winners- Adam Rozon, Shane Pecore, Robert Delormier, Johnathon Ferguson and Ryan Stabler

Last Chance Showdown- Kurtis Cayer and William Racine