TWOFER TYLER: Jackson Goes Back-to-Back with Chevy Performance Street Stocks at Limaland

Parr with back-to-back podiums, Jackson first two-time winner

LIMA, OH – Three races into the Chevy Performance Street Stock League as part of DIRTcar eSports Season 2 and Tyler Jackson has found himself right at home as the League’s first two-time winner.

Originally scheduled to start fifth, Jackson took off from the third spot on the grid after Chris Meyers was unable to make the call for the Feature, sliding the entire inside row up one spot. He dove into the first corner with no fear on the low side and snatched up the lead before the field even got into Turn 3. Put simply, this was the beginning of the end for his competition.

Even with the single restart early in the show, allowing those behind him another crack at a pass for the lead, Jackson held strong. Most notably, Jackson was able to avoid a lapped car that spun directly in front of him with just two laps remaining to help seal the victory.

“I was trying to figure out if I’d be better off getting a caution and having them bunch back up on me or just try and wiggle my way through some of those lapped guys,” Jackson told Street Stock League Announcer Rick Eshelman in the post-race interview on DIRTVision. “There were two-or-three really close calls of that; I jammed-up on the brakes.”

Grant Parr crossed the stripe in second after a solid run in the top-five all night. He passed for second in the latter half of the race and led a charge to Jackson’s rear bumper, but just flat-out ran out of time. After a third-place finish last week, Parr’s got the momentum he’ll be carrying into Volusia Speedway Park in one week’s time.

Round 3 of Street Stock League action hosted 30 cars; the second-highest total this season (Joe Grabianowski Photo)

“I noticed I was catching [Jackson], and was hoping maybe a lapped car would mess him up and give us a chance or a caution,” Parr said. “It didn’t happen tonight, but we had another good run.”

The DIRTcar eSports Chevy Performance Street Stock League action continues next Wednesday night, Dec. 23, with a visit to the Volusia Speedway Park. Catch all the action live on DIRTVision!

Chevy Performance Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 8-Tyler Jackson [5]; 2. 48-Grant Parr [7]; 3. 003-Thorne Zimmerman  [4]; 4. 45-Dane Loyd [1]; 5. 15-Michael Putnam [8]; 6. 880-Calvin Anderson [6]; 7. 2-Bradley Weaver [9]; 8. 66-Preston Dimsdale [15]; 9. 111-Lewis Clark [2]; 10. 10-Caleb Hudgeons [22]; 11. 26-Jack Brown [20]; 12. 04-Joshua Dennison [16]; 13. 69-Sage Luther [10]; 14. 7-Jaxon Steele [17]; 15. 47-Blaze Benedict [24]; 16. 7-Marko Mitchell [11]; 17. 29-Zak Williams [18]; 18. 78-Blake Pryor [12]; 19. 74-Garrett Updike [14]; 20. 77-Anthony Corini [21]; 21. 54-Cory McKay [19]; 22. 02-Bradley Steinruck [23]; 23. 122-Brian Dickens [13]; 24. 7-Chris Meyers [3]