CLARK IN CONTROL: Street Stock Guru Lewis Clark Wins at Volusia, Makes Three Winners in Four Races

Lewis tops Mitchell, Richie Yost Fourth in Return to League Action

Just three weeks ago, the Yost brothers of Richie and Zane stood atop the DIRTcar eSports Chevy Performance Street Stock League with podium finishes in the season opener. Now, it’s the Clark family’s turn.

Family-duo Lewis and Mitchell Clark, of Victoria, AUS, put on a great display of close-quarters racing skill and full-fendered patience in Wednesday night’s 30-lap Feature event at the virtual Volusia Speedway Park; Lewis earning $100 for his first career win with the League while Mitchell claimed $50 for third-place honors.

In short, it was a clean sweep for Lewis. He set the fastest time overall in Qualifying, won his Heat Race and led every lap of the Chevy Performance Feature to become the third different winner in four races in Season 2.

Right there with him was Mitchell, who was second-quick in Qualifying and also won his Heat Race. He had to work slightly harder in the Feature to keep his position, losing his podium spot a few times from challengers, but ultimately was able to defend after battling with fourth-place Richie Yost and runner-up Jordan Gage.

Gage came from fifth on his way to crossing in second. Try as he may, however, he couldn’t seem to muster up the speed necessary to make the move around the leader. Gage largely ran Lewis’ line in the closing laps, which had him nervous as the laps wound down, but was not enough to get the job done in the end.

“At the end, I think Jordan [Gage] was in second and had something for us, so I was a bit worried and didn’t want to check-up, but we held onto it,” Lewis said in the DIRTVision post-race interview.

The Chevy Performance Street Stock League action continues next Wednesday night, Dec. 30, with round #5 from the Weedsport Speedway in Weedsport, NY. Catch all the action live on DIRTVision!

Chevy Performance Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 111-Lewis Clark [1]; 2. 13-Jordan Gage [5]; 3. 00-Mitchell Clark [2]; 4. 29-Richie Yost [3]; 5. 48-Grant Parr [8]; 6. 82-Paul Visage [13]; 7. 78-Blake Pryor; 8. 8-Tyler Jackson [8]; 9. 002-Clifford Bellomy [15]; 10. 026-Sean Stevens [9]; 11. 04-Joshua Dennison [12]; 12. 77-Anthony Corini [23]; 13. 56-Tyler Schneider [11]; 14. 93-Kyle Young [14]; 15. 5-Zak Williams [17]; 16. 69-Sage Luther [24]; 17. 95-Brian Brunscheen [22]; 18. 33-Ricky Vinson [20]; 19. 26-Jack Brown [16]; 20. 17-Mike Arnold [10]; 21. 15-Trevor Speed [4]; 22. 7-Jaxon Steele [21]; 23. 11-Sterling Beard [19]; 24. 122-Brian Dickens [18]