SHARK BITE: Jackson Wins Third Street Stock Feature of Season 2 at Lanier

McMahan, Erickson garner Tyler Bachman Enterprises’ first top-10 finishes in final race

Tyler Jackson has reigned supreme over the Chevy Performance Street Stock League in DIRTcar eSports Season 2.

With his third Feature win in eight weeks of competition Wednesday night at Lanier National Speedway, Jackson remained the only driver on the circuit to win multiple Feature events.

But what was his secret to success at Lanier?

“I finally put a Qualifying effort together, and that makes a huge difference in these Street Stocks,” Jackson told announcer Rick Eshelman in the DIRTVision post-race interview. “They’re just so slow and heavy; if you bury yourself in Qualifying, it’s really hard to pass.”

While the League does not tally points throughout the season and declare an eventual champion, Jackson may as well have been the informal “champion” with his performances throughout the season, which never saw him finish outside of the top-10 one time in seven starts.

Another strong driver who competed mostly in the latter half of the League schedule was Paul Visage, who collected his third top-10 of the season Wednesday night after chasing Jackson down for the better part of the race.

“I got down there and hung the left sides in the moisture there, but you couldn’t really pass. You could get a good enough run to get up beside [Jackson], but not get by cleanly, so it was a lot of throttle control to really get around that place,” Visage said.

TBE entrants Nick Graziano (left) and Jaxon Steele (right) (Joe Grabianowski Photo)

While they had several entries over the course of the eight-race schedule, the Tyler Bachman Enterprises (TBE) team, headquartered in scenic Morgantown, WV, was unable to muster a top-10 finish through the first seven events of the season.

That all changed Wednesday night with newcomers Brayden McMahan and Mitch Erickson posting seventh and tenth-place finishes, respectively. The team’s biggest night of the season came with all the firepower the 25-car field could handle, as a grand total of six TBE cars made the Feature, much to the delight of team executives who are currently working on their plans for competition in Season 3.

Feature (30 Laps) – 1. Tyler Jackson, 2. Paul Visage, 3. Preston Dimsdale, 4. Caleb Hudgeons, 5. Steve Miskolczi, 6. Nathan Lemons, 7. Brayden McMahan, 8. Larry Barber Jr, 9. Mark Mitchell, 10. Mitch Erickson, 11. Hank Silver, 12. Tyler Schneider, 13. Sage Luther, 14. Dennis Anderson Jr, 15. Jaxon Steele, 16. Nick Graziano, 17. Mike Watt, 18. Dakota Osborn, 19. Anthony Corini, 20. Blaze Benedict, 21. Robert Palmer; 22. Clifford Bellomy; 23. Brian Brunscheen, 24. Sterling Beard