LONG TIME COMING: Rumsey Scores First Tour Victory at Eldora

Over 15 career starts for Logan Rumsey on the DIRTcar eSports Tour, but never once a trip to Victory Lane. That was, until Wednesday night, when the NOS Energy Drink Midgets came to Eldora Speedway.

Rumsey, of Manchester, PA, was like clockwork all event long, setting fast time in Qualifying, winning his Heat Race and leading all 20 laps of the Feature en route to a $250 check and his first-ever DIRTcar eSports Tour victory.

Evan Seay, of Chesnee, SC, came into the event with a slim points lead over Alex Bergeron and CFM eSports teammate Blake Matjoulis, but was involved in an early race incident, setting him several laps back on the field with a 23rd-place finish. Matjoulis finished on the podium, while Bergeron placed eighth, making for a near three-way tie for the points lead heading into the final showdown next Wednesday night, when the Bicknell Racing Products Big Block Modifieds take on The Dirt Track at Charlotte.


NOS Energy Drink Feature (20 laps) 1. 41-Logan Rumsey [1]; 2. 07-Hayden Cardwell [2]; 3. 127-Blake Matjoulis [5]; 4. 11-Harry Stewart [4]; 5. 00-Kendal Tucker [11]; 6. 09-Tanner Tomasi [7]; 7. 85-Tyler Schell [8]; 8. 12-Alex A Bergeron [10]; 9. 115-Boddie Parker3 [19]; 10. 5-Darcy Wilson [9]; 11. 30-Stevin Goldner [16]; 12. 13-Aiden Bierlein [17]; 13. 48-Dylan Yeager [3]; 14. 74-Loic Bernier [13]; 15. 1-Jesse Enterkin [14]; 16. 46-Jonathan Nause [24]; 17. 29-William Richardson4 [23]; 18. 14-Zachary Fox [21]; 19. 96-Gunnar G Swanchara [12]; 20. 23-Ethan C Toedter [15]; 21. 43-Jacob Hall [18]; 22. 7-Kaden Folkerts [22]; 23. 33-Evan Seay [6]; 24. 24-Rigel Stillman [20]