TRIPLE DOUBLE: Gage Wins Third Feature, Jackson Crowned Two-Time Street Stock Champion

The championship may have already been decided, but that didn’t stop the Chevy Performance Street Stock League racers from putting on an edge-of-the-seat show in the final race of Season 4 at The Dirt Track at Charlotte.

After wrestling the lead away from polsitter Raphael Gougeon and CFM eSports driver Carl Kilgore in the opening laps, outside polesitter Jordan Gage led only a handful of circuits before giving the lead right back to Kilgore on a restart after halfway. But Kilgore, a former League championship contender himself in Season 3, was unable to hold off a big run from Gage, who threw a race-winning slide job coming to the white flag to retake the lead and score his third victory of the season.

Defending League champion Tyler Jackson, of Rockford, IL, had another strong run in fifth, and was officially crowned champion of the Chevy Performance Street Stock League champion for the second time in his iRacing career.

Chevy Performance Feature (20 laps) 1. 10-Jordan Gage [2]; 2. 045-Kyle Jared [4]; 3. 9-Carl Kilgore [3]; 4. 76-Alex Holbert [5]; 5. 822-Tyler Jackson3 [7]; 6. 98-Andrew Clark11 [13]; 7. 5-Isaac Salas [10]; 8. 30-Stevin Goldner [6]; 9. 43-Jacob Hall [11]; 10. 03-Dylan D Thomas [8]; 11. 60-Kyle Householder [19]; 12. 17-Brett Rowles [15]; 13. 002-Clifford Bellomy [16]; 14. 71-Daniel Stiffler [20]; 15. 115-Eric Tupper [21]; 16. 20-Colt Currie [22]; 17. 010-Lon Franks [17]; 18. 44-Raphael Gougeon [1]; 19. 57-Jim Reavis [18]; 20. 68-Ronald Pyles [9]; 21. 97-Butch Baker [23]; 22. 21-Charles C Barnes [14]; 23. 22-Xavier Savard2 [24]; 24. 53-Aidan Skraha [12]