Floyd Wins Second-Straight After Jackson’s Penalty at Fairbury

Two wins in three starts for the DIRTcar eSports Street Stock League’s newest Feature winner, Jaycee Floyd.

The Iowa driver led the first 34 laps of the 35-lap main event at Fairbury Speedway before getting a strong challenge from defending League champion Tyler Jackson on the final lap. Floyd had been strong all race on the top side of the high-banked 1/4-mile, but suddenly swung his car down into the low/middle groove through Turns 3-4 to keep Jackson’s challenge at bay.

After getting a great run down the backstretch, Jackson drove hard into Turn 3 on the bottom and slid up the track, making contact with Floyd through Turn 4. The two drag raced down the frontstretch to the stripe; Jackson edging Floyd at the line by .055 seconds to steal the win on the final lap.

However, Jackson was later penalized in post-race review when it was discovered he had failed to drop to the tail of the field after entering the pits for a quick repair under yellow on Lap 9. Race officials assessed a two-spot penalty for each car Jackson started in front of on the restart following the Lap 9 caution, placing him 15th in the official results, and awarding Floyd with the victory.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (35 laps) – 1. 18-Jaycee Floyd [2]; 2. 157-Drew Hopkins [17]; 3. 45-Kyle Jared [22]; 4. 1-Kaden Reynolds [11]; 5. 64-Logan Koteles [6]; 6. 84-Bryce Dickenson [10]; 7. 71-Daniel Stiffler [8]; 8. 2-Ty Dickenson [5]; 9. 11-Dustin Fryer [24]; 10. 8-Cam Campbell [1]; 11. 5-Ian Goode [13]; 12. 43-Grady Ehrman [18]; 13. 3-Dylan D Thomas [21]; 14. 77-John Quill [20]; 15. 822-Tyler Jackson3 [12]; 16. 7-Evin Hinkle [19]; 17. 23-Branden Schirpke [23]; 18. 100-Christopher Hill9 [3]; 19. 27-Brady Thompson2 [4]; 20. 76-Robert Palmer8 [16]; 21. 121-Kevin M Davis [15]; 22. 20-Colt Currie [7]; 23. 52-Billy Northcutt [14]; 24. 5-Isaac Salas [9]