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NORTHEAST SERIES RACING FULL THROTTLE: Five DIRTcar Northeast Series Winners Across Three Tracks, Three Divisions

PHOTO: Rebecca Eisele

La FARGEVILLE, NY – Can-Am Speedway, Humberstone Speedway, and Albany-Saratoga Speedway hosted five DIRTcar Northeast Series races in one night. The DIRTcar 358 Modified Series came to life at Can-Am Speedway along with the DIRTcar Pro Stock Series and DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Central Region plus Humberstone Speedway hosted the DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series West Region for a $1,500-to-win 50-lap Feature and The Great Race Place – Albany-Saratoga Speedway – brought in the DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series East Region for a clash. 

Read below for Feature results. 

Billy Dunn Two-for-Two in ‘21 DIRTcar 358 Modified Series 

The Can-Am Speedway grandstands shook with the roar of 31 DIRTcar 358 Modifieds battling out for 50 laps in the second round of Series racing this year. Once again, Billy Dunn came out on top. 

Dunn’s previous Series win at Mohawk Int’l Raceway came as a result of a little luck, a lot of hard work, and a clean battle with Tim Fuller. The #49 and #19 were once again duking it out at Can-Am. 

First, Dunn tracked down early leader Michael Maresca and went on to survive late charges from Tim Fuller to win the $4,000 tour stop. The #7MM of Maresca rounded out the podium positions with a third-place finish. 

“We brought out a new car which I wish we had brought out last weekend,” said Dunn in Victory Lane. “The car just felt really comfortable. Hats off to the track crew. We had heavy rains this week and cold temperatures but this was the best track we’ve had all year.”

With Fuller finishing second again, this writes another chapter in the on-track rivalry between Billy Dunn and the 2021 Can-Am Speedway track champion Tim Fuller. 

“I knew Fuller was there and that he’d be wanting one back for giving up the win at Mohawk but he wasn’t getting one,” said Dunn of his battle with Fuller. 

DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Results (50 laps)

1. Billy Dunn 2. Tim Fuller 3. Michael Maresca 4. David Marcuccilli 5. Jordan McCreadie 6. Erick Rudolph 7. Ryan Bartlett 8. Louie Jackson 9. Shaun Shaw 10. Rocky Warner 11. Lance Willix 12. Tyler Meeks 13. Taylor Caprara 14. Ronnie Davis III 15. Demetrios Drellos 16. Scott Webb 17. Matt Woodruff 18. Carey Terrance 19. Nick Webb 20. Joel Hall 21. RJ Tresidder 22. Mike Stacey 23. Jackson Gill 24. Todd Root 25. Lucas Fuller 26. Andrew Ferguson 27. Derek Webb 28. Mike Mandigo 29. Steve Lewis 30. Cameron Black 31. Preston Forbes

Tyler Corcoran Wins Third ‘21 DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Central Region Feature in a Row  

Tyler Corcoran capitalized on lapped traffic affecting race leader Zach Payne with an assertive pass for the DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Central Region win, Corcoran has visited Victory Lane in the last three Series races. He is three for five on the year. 

Series winner at Weedsport Speedway this year,  Zach Payne did not let Corcoran run away but he had to settle for second after 30 laps. In third was early race leader Mike Fowler who fought hard throughout and landed a podium. 

“Zach Payne drove a hell of a race,” said Corcoran. “I didn’t think I had anything for him. I tried running the top and then rolling the bottom I started catching him. Lapped cars were the story of this one. I know where to put the car here from experience.”

DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series Central Region Results (30 laps)

1. Tyler Corcoran 2. Zach Payne 3. Mike Fowler 4. Gavin Eisele 5. Matt Janczuk 6. Jack Meeks 7. Chris Mackey 8. Ryan Shanahan 9. Tyler Stevenson 10. Josh Reome 11. Eric Nier 12. Mike Amell 13. Brent Joy 14. Tyler Murray 15. Zach Sobotka 16. Nick Heywood 17. Dalton Rombough 18. Brian Hudson 19. Ed Lukas 20. Taylor Doxtater 21. Ryan Dolbear 22. Frank Sibley 23. Michael Delormier 24. Richard Murtaugh 25. Max Hill 26. Trevor Gibbons 27. Kyle Devendorf 28. Travis Beck 29. Daniel Rief 30. Payton Talbot

McPherson Rounds off Rouse for Sportsman West Region Glory at Humberstone

The DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series West Region raced for 50 laps at Humberstone Speedway to start the Canadian doubleheader of Series races. James Michael Friesen and Brad Rouse started on the front row. Either of those drivers could have won but Cody McPherson made patient gains and eventually passed for the lead. 

Brad Rouse finished second and James Michael Friesen hung on for third. 

“I felt really confident going into tonight,” said McPherson. “Even when we drew 12th to start I said don’t worry about it. With 50 laps I could do it. It seemed that James and Brad didn’t know exactly where to run. I knew where to go so when I cleared them so I didn’t show them the line and it worked out.”

McPherson’s car was hooked up. 

“I took it over to my buddy Mat Williamson and we scaled it. I haven’t touched a thing since. I could bury this thing in Turns Three and Four and it would stop on a dime.”

DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series West Region Results (50 laps)

1. Cody McPherson 2. Brad Rouse 3. James Friesen 4. Adam Leslie 5. Greg Panunte 6. Jay Mallory 7. Justin Sharp 8. Ryan Ferri 9. Dave Flannigan Jr 10. Taylor Vanderzanden 11. Luke Carleton 12. Jessica Power 13. Matt Sharpe 14. Jordan Cosco 15. Terry Smith 16. Curtis Friesen 17. John Babion 18. Daniel McKay 19. Noah Mamo 20. Jeff Panunte 21. Bill Bleich 22. Greg Brinklow 23. Tony Cowell

Andrew Buff Wins His First DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series East Region Feature at Albany-Saratoga

The Great Race Place lived up to its name as Andrew Buff won an exciting East Region Feature holding off Scott Duell and Tim Hartman Jr. for the win. Buff was locked in a battle for most of the Feature and chased leader Chad Edwards. Unfortunately, for Edwards, a mechanical issue ended his run at the front and Buff inherited the lead. 

“It took a little bit to get going,” said Buff of his Feature efforts. “I knew they [Duell and Hartman] were close to us.”

“That sucks for Chad Edwards. I would have liked to race that out.”

Buff started mid-pack and took advantage of other drivers’ mistakes to get into striking distance of the lead. 

“There was a jam up early in the race so I kept her going and kept my track position which turned out to be really important.” 

DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Series East Region Results (50 laps)

1. Andrew Buff 2. Tim Hartman Jr. 3. Scott Duell 4. Brian Calabrese 5. Robert Bublak 6. Jim Nagle 7. Connor Cleveland 8. Jason Reome 9. Mike Ballestero 10. Jason Gray 11. Robert Tucker 12. Todd Buckwold 13. AJ Miller 14. Travis Whitbeck 15. Tyler Rapp 16. Jim Osgood 17. Matt Lashua 18. Michael Wright 19. Brandon Gibbons 20. Chad Edwards 21. Dick Bisson 22. Kevin Chaffee 23. Jeff Washburn 24. Bill August 25. Pat Jones 26. Dan Grignon 27. Travis Bruno 28. David Boisclair 29. Michae Wagner Fitzgerland 30, Darrl Nutting

Justin White Awarded DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Feature Win After Sid Harmer Jr. Disqualification at Can-Am

After an early jingle, Justin White drove up through the field to claim the DIRTcar Pro Stock Series win at Can-Am Speedway. He barely beat Chad Jeseo at the line to, at the time, claim second. Sid Harmer Jr. was originally awarded the win but he was disqualified in post-race tech. 

Pro Stock Series Round one winner Josh Coonradt stayed in the mix and finished third.  

DIRTcar Pro Stock Series Results (30 laps)

1, Justin White 2. Chad Jeseo 3. Josh Coonradt 4. Ian Bressett 5. Pete Stefanski 6. Shawn Kirby 7. Burton Ward 8. Jay Casey. 9. Luke Horning 10. Jason Casey 11. Rob Yetman 12. Rich Crane 13. Timothy Bailey 14. Tyler Bushey 15. Brian Carter 16. Edward Kotary 17. Scott Townslee 18. Pete Schroy 19. Johnny Rivers 20. Shawn Perez 21. Ray Hughto 22. Luke Hull 23. Rick Duscus 24. Sid Harmer Jr. (DQ)

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