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Drydene Street Stock Championship Gets the Rub of the Greene

Jacy Norgaard Photo

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The title sponsor of the Drydene World Short Track Championship must have had a well-deserved case of the Midas Touch on Saturday, sponsoring the division that ran what was arguably the most exciting championship feature of the night. With last year’s third-place finisher, Ricky Greene (18), as the victor, the Drydene Performance Products Street Stocks went three-wide and four-wide at the front, and three-wide and four-wide behind the leaders, for a 20-lap thriller that ultimately resulted in a flip-flopped repeat of last year’s podium.

“The race track is actually really awesome, so to pass anyone is right around the rim,” explained Greene from Victory Lane, cutting to the core of the excitement, “…sometimes you just can’t make it.”

Blake Pryor (78) started on the pole, immediate challenged by Greene before a first-lap caution as Pheonix Lawton (51) went into the wall between turns one and two. The reset was unlucky for Friday’s fast qualifier, Damon Crump (18C), but Pryor secured his lead with Greene behind him and Dalton Peavey (9P) in third. Meanwhile, Andy Stewart (75), Patrick Lyon (01), and 2020 Drydene Street Stock Champion Calob McLauglin (83) battled three-wide for fourth.

“It got a little hairy at the start,” said Lyon, who finished second for the second consecutive year. “It happened again, but it was fun.”

Nine laps in, Greene made his second attack on Pryor, a slide job for the lead into turn three. The 78 car responded quickly with another slide job in turn four, taking back his lead.

A lap 12 caution — Dalton Pannell (96) and Chris Jackson (J1) — sparked an exciting battle for the lead on the restart as Greene, Pryor and Peavey went three-wide, with Greene dominating. Lyon joined the front runners for a four-wide battle, and Pryor continued to charge on Greene, albeit unsuccessfully. Four laps later, they were still three-wide at front, but Greene maintained his lead for the win and a $1,500 payday.

With three laps to go, Lyon battled Pryor for second, securing his second consecutive second. And last year’s champion, McLaughlin, made a late charge on Pryor to claim the final spot on the podium. “I had to work for it this year,” said McLaughlin.

Thirty-two Drydene Street Stocks took to The Dirt Track at Charlotte this weekend for their time on the big stage of America’s Home for Racing. Although the drivers were primarily from North and South Carolina, two came from West Virginia and another from Georgia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column css=”.vc_custom_1635651387398{margin-top: -20px !important;}”][vc_video link=”” title=”Drydene Street Stock Highlights”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Visit DIRTVision to watch the full replay.


Feature 20 Laps | 00:16:15.106
1. 18-Ricky Greene[2]; 2. 01-Patrick Lyon[6]; 3. 83-Calob McLaughlin[5]; 4. 78-Blake Pryor[1]; 5. 2-Bradley Weaver[10]; 6. 5-Earl Petty[11]; 7. 75-Andy Stewart[7]; 8. 1ST-Kelly Fegter[17]; 9. JR1-Jake Jackson[9]; 10. 71-Donny Atkins[18]; 11. 18C-Damon Crump[3]; 12. 22S-Shannon Adams[24]; 13. J1-Chris Jackson[13]; 14. 3-Tre Beaty[21]; 15. 51-Phoenix Lawter[8]; 16. 66-Johnny Westmoreland[16]; 17. 118-Cameron Holloway[20]; 18. 38-Junior Johnson[22]; 19. 76-Chris Rice[19]; 20. 96-Dalton Pannell[15]; 21. 84-Kyle Cooper[12]; 22. 46-Johnny Hipp[23]; 23. 11-Paul Irby[14]; 24. 9P-Dalton Peavy[4]

Qualifying Flight A 2 Laps | 00:00:43.000
1. 83-Calob McLaughlin, 00:20.153[10]; 2. 9P-Dalton Peavy, 00:20.252[14]; 3. 18-Ricky Greene, 00:20.292[1]; 4. 96-Dalton Pannell, 00:20.331[5]; 5. JR1-Jake Jackson, 00:20.463[4]; 6. 75-Andy Stewart, 00:20.607[9]; 7. 20T-Timmy McBride, 00:20.796[6]; 8. 5-Earl Petty, 00:20.825[11]; 9. 76-Chris Rice, 00:20.833[7]; 10. 1ST-Kelly Fegter, 00:20.964[8]; 11. J1-Chris Jackson, 00:21.022[15]; 12. 40-TJ Bolin, 00:21.301[16]; 13. 46-Johnny Hipp, 00:21.509[3]; 14. 58-Kevin Patterson, 00:21.692[2]; 15. (DNS) 3-Tre Beaty, 00:58.000; 16. (DNS) 24-Timmy Smith, 00:59.000

Qualifying Flight B 2 Laps | 00:03:33.000
1. 18C-Damon Crump, 00:19.837[10]; 2. 78-Blake Pryor, 00:19.878[4]; 3. 01-Patrick Lyon, 00:20.256[14]; 4. 51-Phoenix Lawter, 00:20.378[6]; 5. 2-Bradley Weaver, 00:20.391[5]; 6. 84-Kyle Cooper, 00:20.460[15]; 7. 11-Paul Irby, 00:20.474[13]; 8. 66-Johnny Westmoreland, 00:20.501[2]; 9. 71-Donny Atkins, 00:20.662[1]; 10. 40B-Todd Bolin, 00:21.011[3]; 11. 38-Junior Johnson, 00:21.084[12]; 12. 118-Cameron Holloway, 00:21.121[8]; 13. 9-Ronnie Mosley, 00:21.347[7]; 14. 5N-Nick Evans, 00:21.455[16]; 15. BB2-Jesse Wall, 00:21.505[11]; 16. 22S-Shannon Adams, 00:21.818[9]

Heat 1 6 Laps | 00:01:58.000
1. 18-Ricky Greene[2]; 2. 83-Calob McLaughlin[1]; 3. JR1-Jake Jackson[3]; 4. J1-Chris Jackson[6]; 5. 76-Chris Rice[5]; 6. 3-Tre Beaty[8]; 7. 46-Johnny Hipp[7]; 8. 20T-Timmy McBride[4]

Heat 2 6 Laps | 00:05:49.000
1. 9P-Dalton Peavy[1]; 2. 75-Andy Stewart[3]; 3. 5-Earl Petty[4]; 4. 96-Dalton Pannell[2]; 5. 1ST-Kelly Fegter[5]; 6. 40-TJ Bolin[6]; 7. 58-Kevin Patterson[7]; 8. (DNS) 24-Timmy Smith

Heat 3 6 Laps
1. 18C-Damon Crump[1]; 2. 01-Patrick Lyon[2]; 3. 2-Bradley Weaver[3]; 4. 11-Paul Irby[4]; 5. 71-Donny Atkins[5]; 6. 9-Ronnie Mosley[7]; 7. 38-Junior Johnson[6]; 8. BB2-Jesse Wall[8]

Heat 4 6 Laps | 00:01:55.000
1. 78-Blake Pryor[1]; 2. 51-Phoenix Lawter[2]; 3. 84-Kyle Cooper[3]; 4. 66-Johnny Westmoreland[4]; 5. 118-Cameron Holloway[6]; 6. 40B-Todd Bolin[5]; 7. 22S-Shannon Adams[8]; 8. 5N-Nick Evans[7]

Last Chance Showdown 1 8 Laps | 00:03:00.085
1. 1ST-Kelly Fegter[2]; 2. 76-Chris Rice[1]; 3. 3-Tre Beaty[3]; 4. 46-Johnny Hipp[5]; 5. 20T-Timmy McBride[7]; 6. 40-TJ Bolin[4]; 7. 58-Kevin Patterson[6]; 8. (DNS) 24-Timmy Smith

Last Chance Showdown 2 8 Laps | 00:03:44.148
1. 71-Donny Atkins[1]; 2. 118-Cameron Holloway[2]; 3. 38-Junior Johnson[5]; 4. 22S-Shannon Adams[6]; 5. BB2-Jesse Wall[7]; 6. 5N-Nick Evans[8]; 7. 40B-Todd Bolin[4]; 8. 9-Ronnie Mosley[3][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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