World of Outlaws Sprint Cars – Wicker Bill Notice – December 26, 2023

Wicker Bill Notice

At the PRI National Sprint Car Council Meeting the subject of reducing the dirty air behind
winged sprint cars to help improve racing and passing was discussed. After discussion with
several others (crews, crew chiefs and sanctioning bodies) the idea to try a maximum 1” wicker
bill on the top wing to help reduce some of the dirty air to the rear car would be the most cost
effective and simplest idea to try. We are going to test this theory at a few events over the first
few months of the World of Outlaws Sprint Car season in 2024. We anticipate to test this on
different types of tracks and evaluate the feedback before a final decision or rule change is put
in place.

We will start with the first 4 races at Volusia Speedway Park where only a maximum 1” wicker
bill on the top wing will be allowed. After each nights event, we would like feedback from
drivers and crews about the effects of this change whether it is good or bad. We will gather and
save the feedback for further discussion on making the final decision.
Teams will be notified prior to each event via the published Competitor Notes and the WoO
text information system which wicker bill rule below, will be in effect for the upcoming event.

A. Maximum 1” removable wicker bill allowed.
B. Wicker bill rule per the WoO Sprint Car Series rulebook, Section 8. A. c.