Meet the drivers: Monster Minis

The OneDirt World Short Track Championship saw 48 Monster Minis take on The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Name: Cody Ussery
Class: Monster Minis
Hometown: Inman, SC

Cody Ussery made the short trip to The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway from Inman, SC. This season completes his thirteenth year of racing.

“It’s been a dream forever to run on this track and we’re finally here so it means a lot for us to be here. I’ve been [to The Dirt at Charlotte] a lot just watching but now we’re in it, it’s amazing,” said Ussery. “This is the biggest race I’ve ever been in. It would mean the world to me [if I could win]. I would never forget it.”


Name: Nick Broome
Class: Monster Minis
Age: 18 

Nick Broome finishes his fourth year of racing at the OneDirt World Short Track Championship.
“I grew up on a farm so I was always driving cars out there so driving a race car came natural for me,” said Broome. “It’s awesome, this is a great experience and we are just having a great time out here.”
Broome said he would be “pretty happy” if he were to make the A-Main.


All Monster Mini drivers:

Andrew Helms
Mason Tucker
Michael Gatten
Brandon Blair
Austin Caudle
Greg Brew
Ashley McHenry
Austin Mintz
Justin Mintz
Koby Lambert
Pete Brew
Jamie Massey
Larry Martin
Cody Ussry
Michael Simmons
Wes Helms
Ethan Harrington
Craig Overby
Tim Bristol
Kevin Atwell
Ricky Bagan
Randy Boshears
Aaron Bowes
Nicholas Broome
Tack Brown
Earnest Cowart
Kenny Dobbs
Jeff Dobbs
Dustin Eaves
Benji Griffin
Kevin Kelly
Brad Mickalowski
Travis Mosley
Greg Murphy
Brayden Pruitt
Travis Sharpe
Danny Shelton
Randy Staton
Richard Vasser
Nick Walker
Ricky Wall
Jesse Wall
Stacy Brock
Phillip Wilson
Marcus Thompson
Ryan Boles
Gray Parton
Jammie Mattison
Kyle Cooper