Phillips top dog at I-80 Speedway

MARS DIRTcar SeriesGreenwood, NE (July 2, 2010) – MARS DIRTcar Series point leader Terry Phillips of Springfield, MO roared to victory at the I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, NE. Phillips notches his fifth victory on the 2010 MARS tour and has three wins and 2 seconds over the last five races.

Kyle Berck of Marquette, NE finished second. Berck started third in the feature and by lap 3 he was battling for the lead with Chad Simpson of Mt. Vernon, IA. Berck continued to lead until Phillips would over take him on a restart on lap 24. Phillips raced into the feature by winning the evenings second B Feature. Phillips started 18th.

Alan Vaughn of Belton, MO started sixth and finished third. Al Purkey of Coffeyville, KS had his car dialed in as he raced from his twenty-third starting position and finished fourth. Columbus Junction, IA driver Jason Utter was another big mover as he started twentieth and finished in fifth.

The $3,000 to win, 30 lap feature started 30 cars with 4 series co-sanctioning and receiving provisionals. Along with the popular MARS DIRTcar Series, the O’Reilly NCRA, Lucas Oil MLRA and the SLMR were on hand as each series put their best late model pilots on the track, but it was Terry Phillips flying the checkers for the MARS DIRTcar Series.

1. Terry Phillips, 2. Kyle Berck, 3. Alan Vaughn, 4. Al Purkey, 5. Jason Utter 6. Kelly Boen, 7. Brad Looney, 8. Denny Eckrich, 9. Dave Eckrich, 10. Evan Hubert, 11. Jeremy Payne, 12. Matt Johnson, 13. Mike Wiarda, 14. Joe Kosiski, 15. Jason O’Brien, 16. Justin Asplin, 17. JD Hubert, 18. Bill Koons, 19. Brian Kenkel, 20. Chris Simpson, 21. Corey Zeitner, 22. Travis Dickes, 23. Chad Simpson, 24. Eric Turner, 25. Dylan Smith, 26. Leroy Johnson, 27. Wylan Petrie, 28. Andrew Kosiski, 29. Gary Christian, 30. Greg Larson

B Feature #1 Results:
1. Joe Kosiski, 2. Jeremy Payne, 3. Greg Larson 4. Scott Koskovich 5. Rob Moss, 6. Andrew McKay, 7. Ron Tex Jr., 8. Dwane Pospisil, 9. Leroy Johnson, 10. Brian Kenkel, 11. Wylan Petrie, 12. Mike Wallace, 13. Kurt Kile, 14. Jase Kaser

B Feature #2 Results:
1. Terry Phillips, 2. Jason Utter, 3. Dylan Smith, 4. Al Purkey, 5. Delbert Smith, 6. Jason O’Brien, 7. Bill Koons, 8. Bo Egge, 9. Zac Simmons, 10. Mollee Collins, 11. Alonzo Grosse, 12. JD Hubert, 13. Bryant Goldsmith, 14. Gary Christian

Heat #1 Results:
1. Evan Hubert, 2. Dave Eckrich, 3. Travis Dickes, 4. Al Purkey, 5. Joe Kosiski, 6. Andrew McKay, 7. JD Hubert, 8. Zac Simmons, 9. Mike Wallace

Heat #2 Results:
1. Corey Zeitner, 2. Justin Asplin, 3. Matt Johnson, 4. Rob Moss, 5. Greg Larson, 6. Leroy Johnson, 7. Kurt Kile, 8. Mollee Collins, 9. Gary Christian

Heat #3 Results:
1. Denny Eckrich, 2. Kyle Berck, 3. Brad Looney, 4. Chris Simpson, 5. Jason O’Brien, 6. Jason Utter, 7. Bill Koons, 8. Wylan Petrie, 9. Jase Kaser

Heat #4 Results:
1. Chad Simpson, 2. Eric Turner, 3. Scott Koskovich, 4. Andrew Kosiski, 5. Ron Tex Jr., 6. Bo Egge, 7. Brian Kenkel, 8. Dwane Pospisil, 9. Alonzo Grosse

Heat #5 Results
1. Alan Vaughn, 2. Kelly Boen, 3. Mike Wiarda, 4. Terry Phillips, 5. Dylan Smith, 6. Bryant Goldsmith, 7. Jeremy Payne, 8. Delbert Smith

The martians will do battle again with the O’Reilly NCRA and Lucas Oil MLRA tomorrow July 3rd at Adams County Speedway in Corning, IA. The Pit gates will open at 4:00pm with the grandstand gates set to open at 5:00pm. Adult admission is $15, Youth (13-18) are $10 and 12 and under free. Support classes will be: Hobby Stocks, Pro-Stocks, and Modifieds.