The West Coast Nationals pair up DIRTcar with Oval Motorsports


CONCORD, NC – Aug. 25, 2010 – Dirt Modified racing has a long, storied history in California and that chronicle is about the get even more compelling with this week’s announcement that Oval Motorsports will adopt DIRTcar Racing rules in 2011. Next year, both Antioch Speedway and Merced Speedway have announced that all races at both tracks will be sanctioned by DIRTcar Racing.

Better still, they are getting a head start on next year by adding the DIRTcar sanction to the two-day West Coast Nationals on Saturday, Aug. 28, at Antioch and Sunday, Aug. 29, at Merced.

“With DIRTcar Racing and the UMP Modifieds we have had a long and successful partnership with John Soares with both the Western All Star Late Models and UMP Modifieds,” said Chris Morgan, Director of Western Operations for DIRTcar. “We are very excited about the potential for California events racing with the addition of the Merced track.

“By having multiple nights of weekly DIRTcar Racing in California in 2011 our drivers will have strong shots at regional and national championships much like we are seeing with Stormy Scott in the Southwest Region,” Morgan continued. “With additional agreements on the table now, 2011 will be very exciting for UMP Modifieds and Modified racing in the west and we look forward to developing more of these destination events.”

The World Racing Group, which encompasses the World of Outlaws and DIRTcar Racing is the premiere promoter of dirt car racing throughout America, and with the addition of Antioch and Merced Speedways in 2011, they have joined forces with the legendary John Soares, who was one of stock cars biggest stars out of California during the 1970s and 80s.

As a former driver, Soares knows a thing or two about racing and he did his research before selecting DIRTcar Racing as the sanctioning body for his tracks. “The rules are more track-friendly, and are based on common sense,” Soares said. “They allow for quick-change rear ends, so cars can easily change gears when traveling from one size oval to another – that’s a huge savings. Aluminum heads is another – they offer savings in the long run.”

“We want modified stock car racing to grow bigger and better in California,” Soares said. “DIRTcar will award regional points at our tracks. Other California tracks will hopefully join the sanctioning group, and we can have a true regional championship for the West’s dirt racers. The point system will allow our drivers to compete on a national level if they choose.”

Unifying the rules at Antioch and Merced with those used by DIRTcar throughout the region will further help racers by allowing them to run for national points. “The rules and the point system will give us a level playing field with those on the other side of the Continental Divide,” Soares said. “And, there will be much benefit to the racers themselves.”

“Their (DIRTcar) program is good for the drivers,” Soares continued. “They also offer bigger and better sponsors for points races, and there is the national spotlight.”

The national spotlight is indeed a huge draw. More opportunities to race in the region means California Modified drivers can now battle for their share of a six-figure payout that will total nearly $400,000 in points-fund cash in 2010 across eight divisions.

So far this year, that has caused one Western DIRTcar UMP Modified driver to get thrown into the limelight all over the West and Southwest as New Mexico’s Stormy Scott has already made some long tows to earn national points, which that has propelled him into the top-five in the national standings.

In fact, Scott will make the long tow from New Mexico to race in the West Coast Nationals at Antioch and Merced. For him the benefit is two fold. “The chance to run for DIRTcar points has been very important. Ever since leaving Speedweeks at Volusia (this February), I’ve been trying to do the best I can. We’ve been going for those points.”

More importantly, it allows the outstanding DIRTcar driver to further hone his skills. “If you keep racing the same old tracks then you will never get any better than if you switch it up,” Scott continued. “In California, the surfaces are way different than in New Mexico, so it helps you stay sharper on your surface skills, so that when you get to a track you’re always ready no matter how the racetrack is. So it helps you out a bunch in terms of being able to win races.”

“My expectations are to win both races,” Scott said. “But if we can’t do that I really want to run well in both of them, have fun, and do as good as I can without tearing up a bunch of stuff.” If Scott can win both nights, he will pocket a total of $7,000 for the two-day trip as each race is offering $3,500 to win and $300 to start.

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