Marc Lalonde claims first career Pro Stock Series victory with win at Mohawk International Raceway

Teacher Lalonde has been working with students for four years building the No. 8

AKWESASNE, N. Y. – Monday, September 16 – For the last four years, teacher Marc Lalonde has been working with a group of students to building a race car. On Sunday, Sept. 15, all that hard work paid off when Lalonde claimed his first DIRTcar Pro Stock Series victory at Mohawk International Raceway, claiming his first career series win.

“We built that car from scratch. It’s been four years working with that car,” Lalonde said. “It’s a car that we built, and that’s why I’m so happy about it.”

Lalonde started on the pole in Sunday’s feature race and kept the lead for all 50 laps. At the green flag Stephane Lebrun, who shared the front row with Lalonde, went wide to challenge for the lead but fell behind

In lap 2, Lalonde was first, followed by Sid Harner, Jr., in second and Rob Yetman in third. A lap-4 caution slowed the pace, but Lalonde kept the lead. Yetman was tight on the bottom in the restart and outmaneuvered Harner to take second. He pulled up beside Lalondet to challenge for the lead, but Harner brought a caution in lap 7 and slowed the pace.

Lalonde led off the restart, but runner-up Yetman lost ground to Lebrun. With an ever-growing lead, Lalonde let them battle behind him as he charged forward. He reached lapped traffic in lap 21, but was not slowed.

Until the lap 50 checkered flag, Lalonde stayed ahead of the pack, claiming his first ever DIRTcar Pro Stock Series victory. Lebrun came in behind him, followed by P. J. Peters in third, Mike White in fourth and Alain Brochu in fifth.


DIRTcar Pro Stock Series

Mohawk International Raceway – September 15, 2013

Statistical Report

A-Main (50 laps): 1. 8 Marc Lalonde, 2. Stephane Lebrun, 3. 73 P. J. Peters, 4. 1x Mike White, 5. 12 Alain Brochu, 6. 47 Dave Bissonnette, 7. 48R Jocelyn Roy, 8. 7Y Rob Yetman, 9. 0n Owen White, 10. 88 C. D. Beauchamps, 11. 4L Terry Ladouceur, 12. 93 Chris Frennier, 13. 43 Claude Parisien, 14. 64 Daniel Desnoyers, 15. 4 Roch Aubin, 16. 17 Sid Harner, Jr., 17. 99 Ghislain Valade

Qualifying heats (8 laps, top 4 redraw)

Heat 1: Beauchamps, Lebrun, Roy, Lalonde, Ladouceur, O. White, Peters, Desnoyers

Heat 2:  Bissonnette, Yetman, Harner, M. White, Valade, Aubin, Brochu, Parisien, Frennier

Time Trials: 1. Yetman 20.897, 2. Bissonnette 21.234, 3. Lebrun 21.291, 4. Peters 21.293, 5. Harner 21.296, 6. Beauchamps 21.418, 7. Lalonde 21.431, 8. Valade 21.511, 9. Roy 21.548, 10. Ladouceur 21.585, 11. M. White 21.619, 12. Aubin 21.693, 13. O. White 21.694, 14. Parisien 22.008, 15. Brochu 22.044, 16. Desnoyers 22.045, 17. Frennier 22.982.


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