PASS THROUGH THE GRASS: Jackson makes wild pass for DIRTcar eSports Street Stock win

Tuesday’s race at Lernerville Speedway was one of the closest finish in the history of the Series

Tyler Jackson wrote a new definition for the term “go where they aren’t” during Tuesday night’s DIRTcar eSports Chevrolet Performance Street Stock race at Lernerville Speedway.

With nine laps to go, Carl Kilgore left a crack in the doorway to the lead with a patch of grass in the opening. For Jackson, that was good enough. He tossed his #25 underneath Kilgore in Turn 3 and ran his way through the grass to complete the pass off Turn 4.

His daring move secured him the win and the $100 check that comes with it.

Before then, Jackson and Kilgore put on a barnburner throughout the 30-lap iRacing event. Jackson got the early lead and held it for the early portion of the race, but 21 never let him out of his sight.

By the halfway point, Kilgore scared Jackson into moving his line. The #25 ripped the top for the majority of the race, but after Kilgore snuck underneath him the lap prior, Jackson dove to the bottom in Turns 1 and 2 to block Kilgore’s momentum. That moved hindered his run off the corner, though, and gave Kilgore another opportunity to pounce.

When they entered Turn 3, Kilgore dove underneath Jackson and claimed the lead. On the next lap, Jackson’s loss of momentum continued as Keith Hackney also dove underneath him and stole second. However, Jackson wasn’t willing to lay down.

He dove underneath Hackney in Turns 1 and 2, and the two slammed doors all the way down the backstretch. Jackson’s relentless drive won the battle as he drove back by Hackney for second.

The hunt was on. Jackson got his feet back underneath him and began running Kilgore down. A caution with nine laps to go further assisted with his efforts.

When the green flag initiated the continuation of the race, Jackson found the crack in the doorway and went where Kilgore wasn’t – further than anyone had gone. But he wasn’t going to let the win slip through his fingers.

Kilgore fought back, staying on Jackson’s bumper on the final lap and attempting a slide job in Turns 3 and 4 with the checkered flag in the air. Jackson was able to get the better run off the turn and edge Kilgore at the line by 0.097 sec. – one of the closest finishes in DIRTcar eSports Street Stock history.

Due to unfortunate technical difficulties, the winner was unable to be interviewed.

The DIRTcar eSports Street Stock action continues next Wednesday, May 5, with the Chevrolet Performance Street Stocks at Limaland Motorsports Park.

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STEADY AS SHE GOES: Dylan Houser rides high line to DIRTcar eSports Midget victory

The DIRTcar eSports Midget debut at Lanier provided a plethora of exciting moments from start to finish

Dylan Houser stuck to his plan and became victorious. He didn’t let the pressure of others sway his mentality. Nor did he buckle under that pressure either.

He demonstrated the importance of a smooth and steady race during the first-ever DIRTcar eSports Midgets presented by NOS Energy Drink event Tuesday night at Lanier National Speedway, and became $250 richer because of that.

Mason Hannagan and Kendall Tucker were the class of the 24-car field, leading the majority of the race between them. Hannagan took the early lead but was unable to shake Tucker. While Hannagan rolled the bottom, Tucker found virtual grip around the top of the track and drove by him for the lead on Lap 4.

There was then a war, worthy of a Game of Thrones episode, from second to seventh with drivers crisscrossing every turn. Their bumpers were used as swords, for both attack and defense, and there was little care for personal space as they slid within inches of each other.

Hannagan had to fight off the likes of two-time iRacing World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car World Championship titleholder Alex Bergeron, Evan Seay and Houser – making his way from seventh in his #2 Midget – for second. He was able to do so for the majority of the event, especially when Bergeron was spun late in the event.

However, while everyone moved to the top during the second half of the event, including the leader, Houser committed himself to the top. Up there, he looked like a man running a mountain top while everyone else was at the base. But with an easy throttle and steady hands, Houser was flawless around the high line. He made his way to second and Tucker’s bumper as the checkered flag neared.

While Tucker continued to run the bottom, Houser slowly edged his way further and further alongside Tucker’s #00 Midget. He edged him by a nose for the lead and was able to hold it for a late-race caution.

When the race resumed, Houser returned to the top of the track and cruised his way to a big win in DIRTcar eSports competition with Tucker second and Hannagan third.

He stuck to his plan… and became victorious.

Due to unfortunate technical difficulties, the winner was unable to be interviewed.

The DIRTcar eSports Tour action continues next Wednesday, May 5, with the return of the Big Blocks presented by Hoosier Racing Tires at Cedar Lake Speedway.

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