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Dollansky Victorious at Volusia

DIRTcar NationalsBarberville,FL —  (2-3-10) – By Kelly Brown –Public Relations Director – Entering tonight’s event there were a lot of unknowns for Craig Dollansky. He was beginning the 2010 season with a new team, car, and even the Goodyear Tires on his car were new to him. Some drivers may be daunted by a scenario like this, but Dollansky adapted very quickly as he picked up the victory in O’Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions action at Volusia Speedway Park.

After setting quick time, Dollansky would begin the night on the pole position with Jason Sides to his right. On the drop of the Green Flag Dollansky would take the lead on Lap 1 coming out of the second turn. Behind him Joey Saldana was on the move as he picked up four positions, moving from his eighth place starting position to fourth in just one circuit of the track. When the dust settled after the first lap the top-five were Dollansky, Sides, Lucas Wolfe, Saldana and Donny Schatz.

Tonight the track was lightening quick, which made it difficult to pass . On Lap 5, Dollansky would first encounter traffic for the first time which gave Sides an opportunity to close in. The following lap Dollansky was having trouble getting around lapped traffic, which allowed Wolfe to catch the top-two and battle for the top spot. It also allowed Saldana to sneak up on the top-three and steal third from Wolfe.

At this point Saldana was all over Sides for the second position, while Dollansky stretched out his lead. At the half way point the top five were Dollansky, Sides, Saldana, Schatz, and Wolfe. Just one lap later the first caution flag of the race would fly for Doug Esh, who came to a stop in Turn 3.

On the restart, Steve Kinser was on the move as he moved his way into the top-five and began pursing his teammate. One of the best battles on the track was between Saldana and Schatz as they sized each other up. When the leaders started to encounter traffic again, Sides was closing in on Dollansky. On Lap 24, Sides caught Dollansky and got on the outside in Turn 1. The duo would run nose-to-tail down the back stretch. On the 26 circuit of the course Sides would beat Dollansky to the line and take the lead.

Two laps later disaster would strike for Sides as first sparks were reported over the radio, then his racecar slowed and came to a stop high in Turn 3 with rear end damage. On the drop of the green Dollansky set sail, while Saldana and Schatz battled, but just before Dollansky could take the checkered flag the Red Flag flew for Tim Kaeding who had flipped exiting Turn 2. This set up a second Green, White, Checkered situation. On this restart, Dollansky powered into the first turn leaving Saldana and Schatz to decide second. When the Checkered Flag flew it would be Dollansky picking up the win with Saldana, Schatz, Kinser, and Stevie Smith just eking his way into the top-five at the end.

Tonight Dollansky collected his sixth career All Star win and his first in All Star Winter Nationals action since 2001 when he won at Volusia. Overall it was the third time in his career that he celebrated a 410 sprint car win in Victory Lane at Volusia.

Next up is a second night of thrilling racing action at Volusia Speedway Park. Thursday, February 4th General Admission for the event is $29 with a Pit Pass running $40. Reserved seats can be purchased on race day for $2 more per seat. This year Volusia is extending a one of a kind chance to get close to the racing action to fans, as they will have unprecedented access throughout the racing program. Every ticket purchased is a FREE Fan Pit Pass. All fans have to do is show their grandstand ticket and sign in to at a table near the pit entrance, and they will be free to visit the pit area at any time during the course of the race night to see the best sprint car drivers in the world, their cars and their crews hard at work. For tickets and more information visit: or call Volusia Speedway Park at 386-985-4402.

For up to date information as the O’Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions take on five more nights of racing during the 2010 edition of Winter Nationals visit

Top Three Quotes

Winner Craig Dollansky – “It was a great team effort with my brand new race team. It is always a team effort when you make it to Victory Lane. I could not be happier for everyone involved. This was our first night running on the Goodyear Tires. Some other teams have tested, but we did not, so we are pretty happy that we could win on our first night with them. It is a great win for everyone who stands behind this team. We have a great support system.”

Second Place Joey Saldana – “We had a great car and it was really great in lapped traffic. We could really move around. We had a good start, but with an open track like that it is hard to make up any ground especially on a guy like Craig. Put a guy like that up front it is hard to pass them unless lapped traffic comes into play. If we had been in lapped traffic, I think we would have been good enough to win. We have quality cars. I started eighth, so I will take a second and come back tomorrow.”

Third Place Donny Schatz – “The track was so fast on the restart is about the only time you had a chance to pass unless someone makes a mistake. Some nights you have to deal with that. We had a decent race car, but there were a lot of decent racecars out there tonight. I wish we could have stayed in traffic a little longer. That is where races are won and lost. We saw Jason Sides sneak by in it. We have five more nights of racing to go, so we will keep on plugging away.”

Kistler Engines Qualifying
Car-Driver- Time
1.    7    Craig Dollansky    13.206
2.    7s    Jason Sides    13.209
3.    17    Daryn Pittman    13.294
4.    6    Danny Lasoski    13.380
5.    63    Chad Kemenah    13.395
6.    15    Donny Schatz    13.430
7.    11    Steve Kinser    13.440
8.    1    Stevie Smith    13.446
9.    r19    Lucas Wolfe    13.447
10.    30c    Lance Dewease    13.448
11.    49    Brad Sweet    13.460
12.    3c    Cale Conley    13.482
13.    6r    Bill Rose     13.518
14.    9    Joey Saldana    13.531
15.    14    Jason Myers    13.539
16.    83    Tim Shaffer    13.544
17.    6f    Bob Felmlee    13.548
18.    0    Brandon Wimmer    13.553
19.    15h    Sam Hafertepe Jr.    13.554
20.    89g    David Gravel    13.566
21.    0s    Glenn Styres    13.576
22.    91    Cody Darrah    13.578
23.    24    Terry McCarl    13.579
24.    39    Doug Esh    13.582
25.    1j    Bronson Maeschen    13.594
26.    7m    Mark Smith    13.604
27.    22    Greg Hodnett    13.630
28.    w20    Greg Wilson    13.679
29.    4    Cap Henry    13.682
30.    22e    Brian Ellenberger    13.683
31.    51    Freddie Rahmer    13.685
32.    83jr    Tim Kaeding    13.694
33.    2b    Ben Gregg    13.701
34.    13    Paul McMahan    13.713
35.    11e    Mike Erdley    13.877
36.    2    Dale Blaney    14.005
37.    6w    Brad Wickham    14.291
38.    12    Jerrod Ridge    14.602
39.    97    Dean Jacobs    15.215
40.    11t     TJ Winegardner    16.124
–    11k    Kraig Kinser    No Time

Heat Finishes (Started)
MSD Ignition Heat 1 –8 Laps
1.  0s Glenn Styres (1)
2.  7 Craig Dollansky (6)
3.  6f Bob Felmlee (2)
4.  r19 Lucas Wolfe (4)
5.  2b Ben Gregg (9)
6.  11k Kraig Kinser (10)
7.  04 Cap Henry (8)
8.  1j Bronson Maeschen (7)
9. 63 Chad Kemenah (5)
10. 6r Bill Rose (3)
–    6w Brad Wickham (DNS)

Kears Speed Shop Heat 2 – 8 Laps
1.  91 Cody Darrah (1)
2.  9 Joey Saldana (3)
3.  0 Brandon Wimmer (2)
4.  15 Donny Schatz (5)
5.  7s Jason Sides (6)
6.  30c Lance Dewease (4)
7.  13 Paul McMahan (9)
8.  22e Brian Ellenberger (8)
9. 7m Mark Smith (7)
10. 12 Jared Ridge (10)

All Pro Heads Heat 3 – 8 Laps
1.  24 Terry McCarl (1)
2.  15h Sam Hafertepe Jr. (2)
3.  11 Steve Kinser (5)
4.  51 Freddie Rahmer (8)
5.  14 Jason Myers (3)
6.  17 Daryn Pittman (6)
7.  22 Greg Hodnett (7)
8. 49 Brad Sweet (4)
9. 97 Dean Jacobs (10)
10. 11e Mike Erdley (9)

Outerwears Performance Products Heat 4 – 8 Laps
1.  39 Doug Esh (1)
2.  3c Cale Conley (4)
3.  1 Stevie Smith (5)
4.  83 Tim Shaffer (3)
5.  83jr  Tim Kaeding (8)
6.  6 Danny Lasoski (6)
7.  w20 Greg Wilson (7)
8. 11t TJ Winegardner (10)
9. 89g David Gravel (2)
10. 2 Dale Blaney (9)

University of Northwestern Ohio B Main – 12 Laps
1.  17 Daryn Pittman (1)
2.  6 Danny Lasoski (2)
3.  30c Lance Dewease (3)
4.  49 Brad Sweet (4)
5.  22 Greg Hodnett (8)
6. 1j Bronson Maeschen (6)
7.  7m Mark Smith (7)
8. w20 Greg Wilson (9)
9. 13 Paul McMahan (12)
10.  22e Brian Ellenberger (11)
11. 04 Cap Henry (10)
12. 6r Bill Rose (5)
13. 12 Jared Ridge (13)
14. 97 Dean Jacobs (14)

–    DNS  63 Chad Kemenah
–    DNS 89g David Gravel
–    DNS11e Mike Erdley
–    DNS 11t TJ Winegardner
–    DNS 2 Dale Blaney

O’Reilly Auto Parts A Main – 30 Laps
1.  7 Craig Dollansky (1)
2.  9 Joey Saldana (8)
3.  15 Donny Schatz (3)
4.  11 Steve Kinser (6)
5.  1 Stevie Smith (5)
6.  r19 Lucas Wolfe (4)
7.  17 Daryn Pittman (11)
8.  14 Jason Myers (9)
9.  30c Lance Dewease (13)
10.  15h Sam Hafertepe Jr. (17)
11.  24 Terry McCarl (20)
12.  3c Cale Conley (7)
13.  51 Freddie Rahmer (22)
14.  6 Danny Lasoski (12)
15.  83 Tim Shaffer (10)
16.  49 Brad Sweet (14)
17. 6f Bob Felmlee (15)
18.  2b Ben Gregg (24)
19.  83jr Tim Kaeding (23)
20.  7s Jason Sides (2)
21. 91 Cody Darrah (19)
22.  0s Glen Styres (18)
23.  39 Dough Esh (21)
24.  0 Brandon Wimmer (16)

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