World of Outlaws Sprint Cars – Top Wing Wicker Bill Rule Change – April 25, 2024

After testing throughout the beginning of the 2024 season, World of Outlaws Officials,

with input from World of Outlaws teams, the maximum height of the top wing wicker bill will

be changed from 2 inches to 1 inch. This rule has been updated in the World of Outlaws NOS

Energy Drink Sprint Car Series Rulebook.


Section 8 – Wings, A,

c. A removable wicker bill, maximum height of 1 inch, may be mounted on the rear edge of the top wing

center foil. Wicker bill must be 90 degrees to the top of the center foil. Built-in wicker bills or gurney lips

will not be permitted. The maximum dimension of the wicker bill may change periodically at the discretion

of World of Outlaws Officials. Any such changes will be issued in writing prior to the event in which the

change will be made.