World of Outlaws Sprint Cars – Driver Change and Backup Cars Rule Update – May 14, 2024

Driver Change and Backup Cars

Chapter 2, Section 1, E.f.

Chapter 2, Section 1, K.

The below rule update is to clarify the procedure for backup cars and driver change. This update will be effective immediately.

Chapter 2, Section 1,E.f

f.Car or Driver Change. If for any reason a car or driver change is made, World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Officials must be notified and give approval before any car or driver change is made. (Also refer to Chapter 2, Section 1, K. a.). When a car or driver change is approved that car or driver must start at the rear of the next segment of the racing program in which that car or driver has qualified for.


Chapter 2, Section 1, K.

a.A backup car may be introduced at any time between qualifying and the start of the Feature only after World of Outlaws Series Official have been notified and have approved the reason/s for a backup car to be used for the remainder of the event. Such determination will be at the sole discretion of World of Outlaws Series Officials. Any such change will result in the driver starting at the rear of the next race segment for which the driver has qualified for. If a driver changes car(s) after hot laps and before qualifying, that driver will remain in his drawn position for qualifying and will be positioned in subsequent races accordingly. (Also see Chapter 2, Section 1, E. f.)
b. If a backup car is introduced, the car must pass pre-race technical inspection prior to any competition. A backup car may be obtained from any source and does not have to be part of a team’s original equipment.

c.An additional entry/inspection fee may be due for the introduction of any backup car where applicable.
d.Once a car has been withdrawn from an event, that car will not be allowed to be resubmitted to competition during that event.