Mathieu Desjardins wins his first-ever DIRTcar Series race at Mohawk

Hogansburg, N. Y. – Saturday, September 15, 2012 – Martin Bélanger, DIRTcar Correspondent – The DIRTcar Sportsman Series stopped in Mohawk International Raceway for round five as another strong field of drivers showed up.

Mathieu Desjardins grabbed the early lead in the 50-lap event with Brandon Easey and Devin Caron were right behind the leader. Ryan Arbuthnot slowed in the backstretch and caution came out on lap 4.

Desjardins came on strong off the restart with Devon Caron taking second over Easey. The race ran two laps on green conditions as Nolan Swamp slowed in turn 3.

On the following green, Desjardins still in the lead with Caron, Easey, Chris Herbison and Martin Pelletier the top 5 as the feature reached the 15-lap mark.

Caron lost some real estate going too high in turn 4 as Easey, Herbison and Gary Lindberg slipped by him. Desjardins managed to stay first before the third caution of the race occurred on lap 18 with Neil Provost having issues with his car.

At the halfway point, Desjardins was still leading the field in front of Herbison, Caron, Easey and Pelletier. Gilles Godard hit one of the infield tires and damaged his car.

Desjardins pulled away from the field with less than 20 laps completed, as the leaders closed in on slower cars, Herbison reeled in on Desjardins as Jason Fetterly caused the yellow on lap 35.

Desjardins led another 10 laps as Ricky Thompson spun in front of the grandstand.

On the last green, Desjardins led the final portion and went to lead all 50 laps to capture his first ever race over Chris Herbison and Brandon Easey.

Desjardins was a happy customer in the winner’s circle: “this is my biggest win of my career” he said with a huge smile. “The caution really helped me tonight.”

The DIRTcar Sportsman Series will travel out to Western Ontario next Friday as they will visit Brighton Speedway in Brighton, Ontario for round #6 in the Series.


DIRTcar Pro-Stock Series Race #5—Mohawk International Raceway, September 15, 2012 Event Summary

A-Main (50-laps): 1. Mathieu Desjardins, 2. Chris Herbison, 3. Brandon Easey, 4. Devin Caron, 5. Gary Lindberg, 6. Corey Wheeler, 7. Martin Pelletier, 8. Dylan Evoy, 9. Mike Arquiett, 10. Cody McPherson, 12. Wyatt Mullin, 13. Jessica Power, 14. Dave Marcuccilli, 15. Jason Shipclark, 16. Nolan Swamp, 17. Pat Dumouchel, 18. Louie Jackson Jr, 19. Dylan Breen, 20. Steve Barber, 21. Billy Cook, 22. Tyler Meeks, 23. Ryan Arbuthnot, 24. Ricky Thompson, 25. Andrew Fish, 26. Jason Fetterly, 27. Gilles Godard, 28. Jenna David, 29. Josh Brockway, 30. Neil Provost, 31. Dana Aikins



Desjardins (1-50)


Heat Races (8 laps, 5 qualify, top 3 to redraw)

#1: Corey Wheeler, Chris Herbison, Martin Pelletier, Jessica Powers, Tyler Meeks, Dana Aikins, John Greene, Jason Shiplark, Thomas Cook, Jonathan Ferguson

#2: Devin Caron, Mathieu Desjardins, Brandon Easey, Gary Lindberg, Nolan Swamp, Steve Barber, Ricky Thompson, Cody McPherson, Sebastien Bourque, Sheldon Hoogwerf

#3: Louie Jackson, Wyatt Mullin, Neil Provost, Ryan Arbuthnot, Billy Cook, Andrew Fish, Josh Brockway, Mike Stacey, Adam Rozon

#4: Dave Marcuccilli, Dylan Evoy, Mike Arquiett, Gilles Godard, Jenna David, Pat Dumouchel, Dylan Breen, Jason Fetterly, Mathieu Aubin


Consi #1: Cody McPherson, Dana Aikins, Ricky Thompson, Steve Barber, Jason Shiplark, John Greene, Jonathan Ferguson, Sebastien Bourque, Thomas Cook

Consi #2: Pat Dumouchel, Josh Brockway, Andrew Fish, Dylan Breen, Mike Stacey, Jason Fetterly, Adam Rozon, Sheldon Hoogwerf, Mathieu Aubin


Mohawk International Raceway DIRTcar Sportsman Series #4 Roster (38)

M1       David Marcuccilli/Cayuga,NY

1X        Nolan Swamp/Akwesasne, NY

2          Jenna David/Akwesasne,QUE

2EZ      Mike Arquiett/Brashers Falls, NY

3          Adam Rozon/Casselman, ONT

3d        Patrick Dumouchel/St-Etienne, QC

3m       Jason Fetterly/Massena, NY

3md     Mathieu Desjardins/Sorel, QC

5          Wyatt Mullin/Finch, ONT

06        Brandon EaseyGrimsby,ONT

7          Cody McPherson/St.Catharines,ONT

8a        Dana Aikins/Wellesley Island,NY

17        Tyler Meeks/Central Square, NY

18jr      Louie Jackson Jr/Akwesasne, NY

20        Jason Shipclark/Brockville, ONT

22        John Greene III/Akwesasne, NY

23        Mike Stacey/Kahnawake,QC

24dc    Devin Caron/Cornwall, ONT

27        Sheldon Hoogwerf/Prescott,ONT

27        Gilles Godard/Cornwall, Ont

28        Gary Lindberg/Ridgeway, ONT

35        Thomas Cook/Hogansburg, NY

44        Jonathan Ferguson/Prescott,ONT

44x      Dylan Breen/Kingston,ONT

47s       Corey Wheeler/Cornwall, ONT

48b      Sebastien Bourque/Granby, QC

52        Jessica Power/Kingston,ONT

53        Ricky Thompson/Akwesasne, QC

63        Chris Herbison/Brockville,ONT

70b      Josh Brockway/Duane, NY

m70     Billy Cook/Hogansburg, NY

r70       Ryan Arbuthnot/Renfrew, ONT

70x      Andrew Fish/Malone, NY

74        Neil Provost/Plattsburgh, NY

80        Steve Barber/Lansdowne,ONT

83        Dylan Evoy/Brockville, ONT

89        Mathieu Aubin/Alexandria, ON

92        Martin Pelletier/Sorel, QC