4/14/21 – Pro Late Models at The Dirt Track at Charlotte

Drydene Feature (40 Laps) – 1. 00-Kendal Tucker [10]; 2. 85-Tyler Schell [16]; 3. 127-Blake Matjoulis [7]; 4. 12-Alex Bergeron [5]; 5. 2-Dylan Houser [2]; 6. 115-Boddie Parker [23]; 7. 1-Jesse Enterkin [21]; 8. 80-Dylan Wilson [3]; 9. 17-Brett Rowles [15]; 10. 48-Dylan Yeager [1]; 11. 71-Keven Hèbert [12]; 12. 41-Logan Rumsey [18]; 13. 09-Tanner Tomasi [8]; 14. 717-Bobby Rafferty [20]; 15. 37-Randall Carter [17]; 16. 033-Richard Murtaugh Jr. [13]; 17. 4-Huey Quillen [24]; 18. 8-Tyler Jackson [9]; 19. 13-Damian Kiefer [4]; 20. 000-Kevin Dedmon [11]; 21. 101-Brent Evans [22]; 22. 331-Dustin Hall [14]; 23. 33-Evan Seay [6]; 24. 5-Nathan Waddell [19]

Qualifying (2 Laps) – 1. 48-Dylan Yeager [15.616]; 2. 2-Dylan Houser [15.648]; 3. 80-Dylan Wilson [15.686]; 4. 13-Damian Kiefer [15.692]; 5. 12-Alex Bergeron [15.698]; 6. 33-Evan Seay [15.699]; 7. 5-Nathan Waddell [15.732]; 8. 4-Huey Quillen [15.77]; 9. 033-Richard Murtaugh Jr. [15.835]; 10. 00-Kendal Tucker [15.845]; 11. 127-Blake Matjoulis [15.846]; 12. 71-Keven Hèbert [15.859]; 13. 8-Tyler Jackson [15.866]; 14. 331-Dustin Hall [15.881]; 15. 17-Brett Rowles [15.883]; 16. 85-Tyler Schell [15.892]; 17. 37-Randall Carter [15.897]; 18. 75-Jesse Johnsrud [15.904]; 19. 55-Matthew Logan [15.916]; 20. 09-Tanner Tomasi [15.962]; 21. 22-James Miller [15.975]; 22. 101-Brent Evans [16.011]; 23. 000-Kevin Dedmon [16.014]; 24. 26-Sage Luther [16.02]; 25. 1-Jesse Enterkin [16.036]; 26. 001-Dominique Foster [16.086]; 27. 46-Jonathan Nause [16.096]; 28. 41-Logan Rumsey [16.098]; 29. 115-Boddie Parker [16.117]; 30. 717-Bobby Rafferty [16.138]; 31. 58-Ryder Sroufe [16.205]; 32. 72-Joseph Grabianowski [16.306]; 33. 28-William Hedgpath [16.545]; 34. 43-Jarred Campos [16.545]; 35. 82-Eric Schroeter [16.552]; 36. 29-Billy Richardson [16.561]; 37. 483-Cole Edwards [16.864]; 38. 7-Aaron Sparks [DNQ]

Heat Race 1 (10 laps, top-4 transfer) – 1. 48-Dylan Yeager [1]; 2. 12-Alex Bergeron [2]; 3. 8-Tyler Jackson [4]; 4. 033-Richard Murtaugh Jr. [3]; 5. 37-Randall Carter [5]; 6. 1-Jesse Enterkin [7]; 7. 22-James Miller [6]; 8. 115-Boddie Parker [8]; 9. 28-William Hedgpath [9]; 10. 483-Cole Edwards [10]

Heat Race 2 (10 laps, top-4 transfer) – 1. 2-Dylan Houser [1]; 2. 33-Evan Seay [2]; 3. 00-Kendal Tucker [3]; 4. 331-Dustin Hall [4]; 5. 75-Jesse Johnsrud [5]; 6. 717-Bobby Rafferty [8]; 7. 101-Brent Evans [6]; 8. 7-Aaron Sparks [10]; 9. 43-Jarred Campos [9]; 10. 001-Dominique Foster [7]

Heat Race 3 (10 laps, top-4 transfer) – 1. 80-Dylan Wilson [1]; 2. 127-Blake Matjoulis [3]; 3. 000-Kevin Dedmon [6]; 4. 17-Brett Rowles [4]; 5. 5-Nathan Waddell [2]; 6. 55-Matthew Logan [5]; 7. 46-Jonathan Nause [7]; 8. 58-Ryder Sroufe [8]; 9. 82-Eric Schroeter [9]

Heat Race 4 (10 laps, top-4 transfer) – 1. 13-Damian Kiefer [1]; 2. 09-Tanner Tomasi [5]; 3. 71-Keven Hèbert [3]; 4. 85-Tyler Schell [4]; 5. 41-Logan Rumsey [7]; 6. 26-Sage Luther [6]; 7. 72-Joseph Grabianowski [8]; 8. 29-Billy Richardson [9]; 9. 4-Huey Quillen [2]

Last Chance Showdown 1 (14 laps, top-4 transfer) – 1. 41-Logan Rumsey [2]; 2. 717-Bobby Rafferty [3]; 3. 101-Brent Evans [5]; 4. 4-Huey Quillen [10]; 5. 7-Aaron Sparks [7]; 6. 75-Jesse Johnsrud [1]; 7. 26-Sage Luther [4]; 8. 72-Joseph Grabianowski [6]; 9. 29-Billy Richardson [8]; 10. 001-Dominique Foster [11]; 11. 43-Jarred Campos [9]

Last Chance Showdown 2 (10 laps, top-4 transfer) – 1. 37-Randall Carter [1]; 2. 5-Nathan Waddell [2]; 3. 1-Jesse Enterkin [3]; 4. 115-Boddie Parker [7]; 5. 55-Matthew Logan [4]; 6. 22-James Miller [5]; 7. 28-William Hedgpath [9]; 8. 46-Jonathan Nause [6]; 9. 483-Cole Edwards [11]; 10. 58-Ryder Sroufe [8]; 11. 82-Eric Schroeter [10]

RUN IT BACK: Seay Wins Feature, Tucker Wins Season 2 Tour Championship with Big-Blocks at Lernerville

Eight consecutive top-fives for Tucker crown him Tour’s first-ever points champ while Seay starts, ends series with Victory Lane trip

Eight top-five finishes in eight weeks of racing. Now there’s a statistic worthy of a championship.

That’s exactly what iRacing Pro driver Kendal Tucker ended up with after the checkered fell in Wednesday night’s VP Racing Fuels Big-Block Modified Feature event at Lernerville Speedway. For his hard-fought efforts aboard the DIRTcar eSports Tour of Season 2, he now brings the first ever custom-made DIRTcar eSports Tour trophy home to his sim rig in Mt. Airy, NC.

Crossing the stripe right in front of him was the Feature winner, Evan Seay, who capped off his Season 2 campaign the same way he started it – in Victory Lane after leading green-to-checkered in the 50-lap contest.

“It’s definitely pretty cool to come out here and pick up the final win of the season,” Seay told announcer Chase Raudman in the DIRTVision post-race interview. “It’s a great cap to the second season of DIRTcar eSports.”

Over eight weeks of competition, Tucker never finished outside of the top-five. Not once. His worst finish came in Race #7, Pro Late Models at Eldora, where he placed fourth. Wednesday night marked his fourth runner-up finish of the season, just a few car-lengths back from Seay at the checkers.

“Season 2, it honestly couldn’t have gone any better, besides getting couple more wins,” Tucker said. “The ultimate goal at the end of the year, once we heard about this deal [DIRTcar eSports] was putting on, was just to be consistent.”

Tucker’s DIRTcar eSports Tour championship trophy

Seay led the points standings after Season 2’s opening round before Tucker took it over soon after his win with the Pro Late Models at The Dirt Track at Charlotte on December 9. He and Tucker kept it close at the top with their solid night-in and night-out finishes, but Seay sat out the fifth and sixth races on the Tour due to other non-sim commitments, forcing him to retire his horse in the points race.

“Congrats to Kendal [Tucker] on the championship. We had to miss a couple races, but I think we would have been pretty close in the points if I’d have been able to do those couple that we missed,” Seay said.

Regardless, Seay made up for it in the end by leading all 50 laps of Wednesday night’s Feature – his first-ever venture out with the Big-Blocks at Lernerville, which made it all that much more impressive.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know how this night was going to go. I hadn’t run this track with the Big-Blocks yet, so I was kinda winging everything,” he said.

Seay went largely unchallenged for the lead during most of the race. Except on the final lap, where Tucker dove low hard in Turn 1 and pulled a big slide job on the #33. But it didn’t stick, and Seay was easily able to cross back underneath him and take the lead back down the backstretch. Seay held strong in Turn 4 and brought it back home, collecting $250 for the Feature win as the only Tour driver in Season 2 to win more than one main event.

Tucker doing donuts on the front-straightaway after the checkered (Joe Grabianowski Photo)

Overall, both drivers had a terrific season as regulars of the DIRTcar eSports Tour and have plans to chase a points title again in Season 3.

“Hopefully, we’ll be back to defend the title and pick up a couple more wins along the way,” Tucker said.

Feature (50 Laps) – 1. Evan Seay, 2. Kendal Tucker, 3. Logan Rumsey, 4. Richard Murtaugh Jr, 5. Dustin Hall, 6. Chris Hile, 7. Blake Matjoulis, 8. Kevin Dedmon, 9. Jesse Enterkin, 10. Ross Wece, 11. William Racine, 12. Michael Canady, 13. Matt Yorker, 14. Alex Bergeron, 15. Matty Watkins, 16. CJ LaVair, 17. Joe Grabianowski, 18. Joshua Kunstbeck, 19. Chance Carr, 20. Tyler Ducharme, 21. Jonathan Nause, 22. Boddie Parker, 23. Cody Zobrist, 24. Hayden Cardwell

A TUSSLE IN TULSA: Bergeron Gets First Win of Season 2 Tour with 305 Sprints at Chili Bowl

Tucker goes six-for-six in podium finishes, Cardwell backs-up win with runner-up

For the winningest driver on the DIRTcar eSports Tour from Season 1, it hasn’t been an easy road back to Victory Lane. But six races into Season 2, and Alex Bergeron has finally gotten the monkey off his back with a win in the 305 Sprint Car division presented by NOS Energy Drink Wednesday night at the Tulsa Expo Center’s Chili Bowl track.

In short, it was “fighter jets in a gymnasium.” Lapped cars were everywhere. The entire top-five stacked on top of each other at one point battling for the lead. Nothing but 30 laps of near-chaos as these full-size winged Sprint Cars zipped around this virtual quarter-mile bullring, primarily intended for iRacing and real-life Midget competition.

And when all was said and done, Bergeron, of Drummondville, QC, was the one man that stood above the rest, taking the lead from polesitter Hayden Cardwell in a fury of slower traffic and leading the rest of the way for his fourth career DIRTcar eSports Tour victory.

“It got a bit tricky there with the lapped cars, but we knew going into this race that it was going to happen,” Bergeron told announcer Chase Raudman in the DIRTVision post-race interview. “This track is so small and it’s bizarre to see these kinds of cars on this track, but it was fun to race and the competition [level] was high. We’re glad to be on top here tonight.”

Cardwell, of Knoxville, TN, had been leading from the drop of the green when, in digging though the rear of the 20-car field, he and the rest of the top-five cars all came up on a large group of slower traffic as they completed Lap 15. Colt Currie and Jesse Enterkin were battling for position when they made contact right in front of the leaders, forcing Cardwell to take evasive action out of his low groove, which left the door open for Bergeron to slip by underneath.

“I just made a couple mistakes in lapped traffic, and if you leave a hole open here, someone’s gonna push through. That’s what Alex did, and he capitalized,” Cardwell said of the pass for the lead.

Joe Grabianowski Photo

However, Cardwell lost more than just the lead in the exchange. With the extremely limited racing room on the track, the two wheel-banged a couple times down the front-stretch, sending Cardwell into a pinball-like bounce off of each of the other top-five cars on his way backwards. When it was all over, Cardwell had gone from the lead to fifth in half a lap.

With a never-say-die attitude, Cardwell immediately got back on his horse and took it to the top-side, regaining three of his lost spots before the final caution flag was displayed with three-to-go.

“I feel like this one kinda got away from us,” Cardwell said. “We wanted to be the first ones to go back-to-back on this tour, but some things just aren’t meant to happen.”

Now with a clear track in front of him, it was all Team ABR #12. Bergeron cruised to the checkers for the $250 victory.

While Cardwell was able to hang on for second, just one week after getting a win with the UMP Modifieds at Fairbury, current Tour points leader Kendal Tucker crossed in third for his sixth-consecutive podium finish. He had one shot at Bergeron before the final yellow was thrown, but more lapped traffic got in his lane and slowed him down, allowing Bergeron to pull away on the top side.

All-in-all, Tucker, of Mt. Airy, NC, has been nothing short of spectacular in Season 2, earning almost $1,000 total in prize money since the start of the Tour one month ago. All he’ll need to do is maintain his consistency over the final two races to secure the points championship.


Joe Grabianowski Photo

“It feels pretty good to keep running as consistent as we have been. That’s the sixth top-five and we haven’t finished outside of the top-three, actually, so it’s pretty cool to be that consistent with all these races and all these different types of cars,” Tucker said.

The DIRTcar eSports Tour action continues next Wednesday night, Jan. 13, with Round #7 – Pro Late Models presented by Hoosier Racing Tire at Eldora Speedway. Sign up today at DIRTcar.com/eSports or watch all the action live on DIRTVision!

NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 12-Alex Bergeron [3]; 2. 07-Hayden Cardwell [1]; 3. 00-Kendal Tucker [4]; 4. 127-Blake Matjoulis [5]; 5. 74-Adam Elby [8]; 6. 331-Dustin Hall [10]; 7. 21-Michael Meek [6]; 8. 787-Cody Zobrist [13]; 9. 51-Dalton Wicker [9]; 10. 49-David Heileman [2]; 11. 24-Billy Richardson [16]; 12. 35-Adam Ross [14]; 13. 14-Austin Wagner [17]; 14. 3-Justin Ziemiecki [18]; 15. 46-Jonathan Nause [19]; 16. 19-Seth Smyser [20]; 17. 1-Jesse Enterkin [12]; 18. 777-Colt Currie [11]; 19. 42-John Smith [15]; 20. 8-Matthew Howard [7]

FALS WELL THAT ENDS WELL: Cardwell Earns Redemption, Tour Victory with UMP Modifieds at Fairbury

Tucker runner-up for third time in Season 2, retains points lead after lapped-car tangle

Just two weeks after suffering a last-place finish in his DIRTcar eSports Tour Season 2 debut, Hayden Cardwell now sings a sweet song of redemption.

The iRacing Pro driver from Knoxville, TN, exited the DIRTcar eSports Tour lobby early back on December 16, his Season 2 debut in shambles after starting on the pole of the Big-Block Modified Feature and crashing out less than 10 laps in.

But Wednesday night made up for all of that, as he took his Mike McKinney-identical #96m-painted Summit Racing Equipment UMP Modified to Victory Lane at the Fairbury Speedway for the second time in his DIRTcar eSports career, picking up the $250 winner’s check for the first time since July 1 in Season 1.

“It means a lot to come out here and pick up a win in something that isn’t a Sprint Car,” Cardwell told announcer Chase Raudman in the DIRTVision post-race interview. “It feels pretty good.”

Cardwell began his march to Victory Lane from fourth on the starting grid and had front-row seats to a slide job-fest in the opening laps between polesitters Austin Carr and current Tour points leader Kendal Tucker.

Tucker, of Mt. Airy, NC, eventually won the passing battle and began to open up a gap between he, Carr, Cardwell and 2019 World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model iRacing World Champion Blake Matjoulis.

Cardwell eventually wrestled the runner-up spot away from Carr and set his sights on leader Tucker. He stayed glued to the top side of the virtual quarter-mile and closed the gap on Tucker as the race neared the halfway point. Then, opportunity knocked.

The slower lapped car of David Ortiz II had been running right through the middle groove when Tucker reached his rear bumper and dove to the inside in an attempt to make the pass; Cardwell a half-car-length behind. Tucker slid up the track and right into the side of Ortiz, throwing him off-kilter, opening the door for Cardwell to make the pass on the top.

“I much rather would have gotten passed straight-up than getting into it with a lapped car right there,” Tucker said of the incident. “[Ortiz] was entering in the middle in no-man’s land and I was trying to slide him, but… he should have gotten out of the way in my opinion, but that’s just racing. That’s just how it goes sometimes.”

Cardwell raced into the lead as they crossed the line to complete Lap 17, Tucker a few car-lengths behind. One final restart gave Tucker and Matjoulis behind him a chance to make a move, but both stumbled as the green flag dropped, allowing Cardwell to pull away and bring it back home for his second career DIRTcar eSports Tour victory.

“They are probably one of the hardest cars to run on the top, in my opinion,” said Cardwell, an iRacing Sprint Car regular, of piloting the DIRTcar UMP Modified. “In these, it’s kinda tricky because if you barely miss it, you’ll be off the pace. But if you get the right-rear in the wall too much and the front end comes around, you’ll pretty much knock the right front off and can’t drive it anymore.”

Despite the earlier tangle with the lapped car, Tucker was able to nurse his beaten Swindell SpeedLab eSports #00 home to his fifth-straight podium finish of Season 2. Bottom-feeding for most of the 40-lap contest, Tucker once tried the high line but couldn’t make it work in order to regain the lead.

“I just had too much damage to run up there with them guys. Luckily, I was able to put around that bottom on the slider line in [Turns] 3 and 4 and keep enough speed to keep them guys behind me,” Tucker said.

Matjoulis crossed the line in third after a solid outing in only his third appearance with the Tour this season. Coming from fifth, the Ashville, NY-native picked up $100 for his efforts, but was left with much to be desired from his performance.

“Hayden would have been hard to get by,” Matjoulis commented on his perceived chances to make a move for the lead. “I couldn’t pass; just couldn’t go anywhere. In [turns] 1 and 2, there were a couple grooves but in 3 and 4, it was so single-lane. It was a bummer, honestly.”

The DIRTcar eSports Tour action picks back up next Wednesday night, Jan. 6, with the NOS Energy Drink 305 Sprint Cars at the Chili Bowl Nationals in Tulsa, OK. Catch all the action live on DIRTVision!

Summit Racing Equipment Feature (40 Laps) – 1. 07-Hayden Cardwell [4]; 2. 00-Kendal Tucker [3]; 3. 127-Blake Matjoulis [5]; 4. 331-Dustin Hall [13]; 5. 112-Devon Morgan [2]; 6. 01-Austin Carr [1]; 7. 29-Richie Yost [9]; 8. 44-John Ruggiero Jr. [12]; 9. 1-Jesse Enterkin [6];  10. 12-Alex Bergeron [16]; 11. 787-Cody Zobrist [11]; 12. 8-Matthew Howard [20]; 13. 171-Brandon Freeburg [10]; 14. 41-Matthew Logan [8]; 15. 242-Blake Stieb [19]; 16. 16-Tyler Kruep [14]; 17. 64-Dawson Cook [7]; 18. 19-Seth Smyser [15]; 19. 46-Jonathan Nause [18]; 20. 34-David Ortiz II [17]

HEILEMANIAC: Turn 4 Slide Job Gives Heileman First Career Tour Victory with 360 Sprints at Knoxville

Bailey denied back-to-back wins after leading late; Tucker notches fourth-straight podium

White flag. Bryce Bailey was five turns away from capturing his second-straight DIRTcar eSports Tour victory as he rounded the high side of Turn 4.

Slide job. David Heileman had stolen the lead and began to drive away as the field dashed into Turn 1.

Checkered flag. Heileman becomes the fourth different Tour winner in four races with the 360 Sprint Cars presented by NOS Energy Drink at Knoxville Raceway.

Bailey, of Waverly, NY, gave it all he had in the final corners, but just couldn’t make the bottom work well enough to close the gap Heileman had opened up with the big slider in Turn 4.

“I can’t roll the bottom here very well. I knew I had to stick to the top or I was just gonna drop and anchor and go backwards,” Bailey told announcer Rick Eshelman in the DIRTVision post-race interview.

But Heileman, of Milwaukee, WI, used up every inch of the bottom lane throughout Wednesday night’s 30-lap Feature event to pick up the $250 paycheck, making the shortest way around the virtual half-mile the best way around right from the drop of the green.

Starting from the outside pole, Bailey got the early jump and led the race through the halfway point, surviving a few restarts while the major players made their way to the front. Specifically, iRacing’s two-time and defending World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car World Champion, Alex Bergeron, who was forced to come from 16th after an incident in his Heat Race put him in a Last Chance race to get him in the show.

Bergeron, of Drummondville, QC, had made his way up to fourth and, after a restart on Lap 16, gave race leader Bailey a big challenge for the top spot as they sped down the backstretch. Heileman was right on his heels heading into Turn 3 and looked low to retake second, but got a nose full of rear bumper.

Bergeron slipped up after the contact while Heileman moved down even lower, but a wheel hop onto the inside berm sent Heileman back up into Bergeron out of Turn 4, sending him into the outside wall and tangling with other cars on the front stretch. The caution was thrown, and for the second time in one night, Bergeron was headed for pit road.

Heileman (49) and Bailey (2) battling for the lead down the backstretch (Joe Grabianowski Photo)

“We came down from the top, had a little more momentum and knocked [Bergeron] off the line a little bit,” Heileman said of the incident. “I thought about back when he jumped the start in the Heat Race, so I saw an open door and took it. That’s just short track racing.”

With Bergeron again forced to come from the back, this opened the door for Heileman to put his focus back on Bailey. Which, he did, pulling even with him as they raced side-by-side under five laps to go. He out-muscled Bailey on the low side to grab the lead with just three-to-go before Bailey returned the pass with a little shove out of the groove down low next lap as they entered Turn 1.

Then, the big slider from Heileman to force the third lead change of the night. He carried the top spot all the way back around to the checkers for his first career victory with the Tour.

“When you’re racing like that, with three to go, especially on the DIRTVision broadcast… it’s kinda like all bets are off. You don’t care about finishing top-three or anything, it’s like we’re either gonna win-it-or-ding it at that point,” Heileman said.

As for Bailey’s second-straight podium finish in as many starts, he was obviously not as pleased this time as he was in Victory Lane the week prior. However, he’s a great sport and realizes a silver medal is just a result of the stiff competition.

“I just made a couple mistakes there at the end,” Bailey said. “When you’re racing people with this high-caliber field, you can’t really make that big of a mistake.

“I jumped the cushion a couple laps in-a-row and couldn’t really get momentum off of [Turn] 2. I knew I was faster in 3 and 4, I just couldn’t really get through 1 and 2 for the last 10 laps.”

An unsung hero of the race was Mt. Airy, NC’s Kendal Tucker, who had a mostly quiet night aboard his Swindell SpeedLab eSports #00. He’s now amassed four-straight podium finishes in as many starts and will retain his points lead heading into Week 5 of Tour competition next Wednesday night, Dec. 30, with the UMP Modifieds presented by Summit Racing Equipment.

“We were right there at the end. We finally figured out how to run some fast laps there towards the end. I know the two leaders had a little contact that helped us get a little closer there. Who knows, maybe if it was 35 or 40 laps, we would’ve had something for them,” Tucker said.

After all he’d been through, Bergeron still was able to make it back up to fourth when the checkered was thrown, which serves as another solid points night for Team ABR.

NOS Energy Drink Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 49-David Heileman [3]; 2. 02-Bryce Bailey [2]; 3. 00-Kendal Tucker [4]; 4. 12-Alex Bergeron [16]; 5. 24-Shaun Timmerman [5]; 6. 331-Dustin Hall [13]; 7. 025-Tyler Ducharme [6]; 8. 30-Stevin Goldner [7]; 9. 99-Gregory Lamey [11]; 10. 33-Evan Seay [1]; 11. 25-Richie Preston [8]; 12. 64-Dawson Cook [10]; 13. 1-Jesse Enterkin [18]; 14. 28-Jordan Porier [9]; 15. 3-Cody Hillman [21]; 16. 787-Cody Zobrist [23]; 17. 15-Brett Punkari [17]; 18. 42-John Smith III [15]; 19. 69-Matthew Schelk [24]; 20. 72-Broc Lawrence [22]; 21. 77-Anthony Corini [20]; 22. 17-Billy Richardson [19]; 23. Thomas Brandon [14]; 24. 13-Chris Papa [12]

PRO POWER: Tucker Wins Second Career Tour Pro Late Model Race at Charlotte

North Carolinian scores second career eSports Tour victory, again in Pro Late Models

CONCORD, NC – If there’s one area of iRacing Dirt that Kendal Tucker really excels in on the DIRTcar eSports Tour, it’s surely with the Pro Late Models.

Holding off fellow iRacing Pros Dylan Houser and Evan Seay in the final laps, Tucker, of Mt. Airy, NC, scored his second career DIRTcar eSports Tour victory Wednesday night with the Drydene Pro Late Models at The Dirt Track at Charlotte after leading all but one lap en route to his $250 victory.

His previous Pro Late Model finishes with the Tour are impressive; three starts in three races and three podium finishes with a lone victory. Tucker experienced bad luck several times over the course of the Season 1 schedule, racking up a few “so close” moments that left him hungry for another trip to Victory Lane.

But to do it, he had to defend the top spot from one driver in particular, on a mission to finally put his name in the win column after several starts – Dylan Houser.

Tucker grabbed the lead from polesitter and Cometic Gasket Quick Time Award winner Sheldon Oberle on Lap 2 and rode the high line for the opening laps, until a caution came out with five laps complete. Tucker and his Swindell SpeedLab #00 then chose the bottom lane for the restart, and never strayed from it all race long.

“Probably one of the hardest things to do on here, in my opinion, is to stick that bottom,” Tucker told Tour announcer Chase Raudman after the race on the DIRTVision. “There’s a lot of guys that can go up there and bounce it off the fence, have their right-rear off the wall and pick up some speed. I’m just not one of those guys that can make it work. I’m more of a finesse-type of guy. I like to put the car in the middle-bottom area.”

With a 40-lap distance, the rest of the field behind Tucker had plenty of chances to make up the ground. Houser, of Ocala, FL, applied the pressure all race long from two grooves higher than Tucker, scraping his car right off the wall each lap, but could not reel the leader in. He made one final scramble for the lead on the final lap in Turns 3-4, rim-riding the cushion in search of a quick burst of speed, but came up just one spot short.

“I thought I was going to get [Tucker]; With about five-to-go, I threw everything out the window,” Houser said of his last-lap mentality. “Just started entering on the fence and threw it wide-open. I was closing in on it, just ran out of laps on that one.”

Two lanes to choose from on Charlotte’s dirt surface made for some spectacular inside-outside racing, and Houser chose the more grueling of the two, in search of the momentum to carry him through the turns.

“It was really, really crazy up there,” Houser said. “I wasn’t going to go down there and run the bottom; I’m not one to get down there and run by the yuke tires, so I went up [high] and scraped every bit of paint that was on that wall off.”

Rounding out the podium was inaugural Tour Feature winner Evan Seay. Largely a top-five car for most the race, Seay, of Chesnee, SC, said the stipulation of the fixed car setup makes it challenging to overcome large deficits, and thus he was unable to catch the leaders in the end.

“Kendal, [Dylan] Houser, these guys are all Pro [iRacing license] guys, they’re fast and they don’t make a whole lot of mistakes,” Seay said. “It’s just very difficult to make that much ground up, even though it wasn’t a whole lot. But I’m still happy with third-place; did better than I thought I was going to do.”

The DIRTcar eSports Tour action continues next Wednesday night, Dec. 16, when the Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds make their long-awaited debut on the Tour schedule at Weedsport Speedway. Catch all the action live on DIRTVision, or sign up to compete at DIRTcar.com/eSports.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (click for full results)

Drydene Feature (40 Laps) – 1. 00-Kendal Tucker [3]; 2. 2-Dylan Houser [2]; 3. 33-Evan Seay [4]; 4. 033-Richard Murtaugh Jr. [13]; 5. 13-Ryder Cantillo [6]; 6. 12-Alex Bergeron [12]; 7. 112-Devon Morgan [9]; 8. 3-Carden Cochran [8]; 9. 157-Drew Hopkins [17]; 10. 10-Jesse Enterkin [11]; 11. 171-Brandon Freeburg [14]; 12. 787-Cody Zobrist [19]; 13. 000-Kevin Dedmon [20]; 14. 1-Austin Carr [7]; 15. 77-Robert Fletcher [15]; 16. 41-Matthew Logan [24]; 17. 22-James Miller [5]; 18. 30-Maxime Plante [21]; 19. 101-Brent Evans [10]; 20. 85-Hunter Heck [16]; 21. 98-Michael Canady [22]; 22. 105-Sheldon Oberle [1]; 23. 71-Keven HÈbert [23]; 24. 8-Tyler Jackson [18]

12/9/20 – Pro Late Models at The Dirt Track at Charlotte

Drydene Feature (40 Laps) – 1. 00-Kendal Tucker [3]; 2. 2-Dylan Houser [2]; 3. 33-Evan Seay [4]; 4. 033-Richard Murtaugh Jr. [13]; 5. 13-Ryder Cantillo [6]; 6. 12-Alex Bergeron [12]; 7. 112-Devon Morgan [9]; 8. 3-Carden Cochran [8]; 9. 157-Drew Hopkins [17]; 10. 10-Jesse Enterkin [11]; 11. 171-Brandon Freeburg [14]; 12. 787-Cody Zobrist [19]; 13. 000-Kevin Dedmon [20]; 14. 1-Austin Carr [7]; 15. 77-Robert Fletcher [15]; 16. 41-Matthew Logan [24]; 17. 22-James Miller [5]; 18. 30-Maxime Plante [21]; 19. 101-Brent Evans [10]; 20. 85-Hunter Heck [16]; 21. 98-Michael Canady [22]; 22. 105-Sheldon Oberle [1]; 23. 71-Keven HÈbert [23]; 24. 8-Tyler Jackson [18]

Qualifying (2 Laps) – 1. 105-Sheldon Oberle [15.876]; 2. 2-Dylan Houser [15.893]; 3. 00-Kendal Tucker [15.901]; 4. 12-Alex Bergeron [15.904]; 5. 22-James Miller [15.907]; 6. 13-Ryder Cantillo [15.914]; 7. 77-Robert Fletcher [15.947]; 8. 33-Evan Seay [15.992]; 9. 112-Devon Morgan [16.006]; 10. 98-Michael Canady [16.008]; 11. 1-Austin Carr [16.015]; 12. 3-Carden Cochran [16.051]; 13. 033-Richard Murtaugh Jr. [16.054]; 14. 8-Tyler Jackson [16.081]; 15. 07-Allen Holbert [16.121]; 16. 15-Brett Punkari [16.125]; 17. 30-Maxime Plante [16.133]; 18. 101-Brent Evans [16.136]; 19. 10-Jesse Enterkin [16.139]; 20. 000-Kevin Dedmon [16.141]; 21. 34-Corey Mullinax [16.148]; 22. 32-Brad Bauer [16.177]; 23. 923-Alex Rakers [16.196]; 24. 20-Joe Reuter [16.2]; 25. 787-Cody Zobrist [16.201]; 26. 242-Blake Stieb [16.214]; 27. 54-Larry Barber Jr [16.22]; 28. 85-Hunter Heck [16.234]; 29. 26-Sage Luther [16.245]; 30. 171-Brandon Freeburg [16.262]; 31. 92-Trent Hitchens [16.274]; 32. 79-Tyler Bowman [16.277]; 33. 71-Keven HÈbert [16.322]; 34. 46-Jonathan Nause [16.326]; 35. 157-Drew Hopkins [16.382]; 36. 029-Jacob Cook [16.43]

Heat 1 (10 Laps) (Top 4 transfer) – 1. 105-Sheldon Oberle [1]; 2. 22-James Miller [2]; 3. 112-Devon Morgan [3]; 4. 033-Richard Murtaugh Jr. [4]; 5. 71-Keven HÈbert [9]; 6. 787-Cody Zobrist [7]; 7. 30-Maxime Plante [5]; 8. 55-Justin Ratermann [10]; 9. 34-Corey Mullinax [6]; 10. 26-Sage Luther [8]

Heat 2 (10 Laps) (Top 4 transfer) – 1. 2-Dylan Houser [1]; 2. 13-Ryder Cantillo [2]; 3. 101-Brent Evans [5]; 4. 171-Brandon Freeburg [8]; 5. 8-Tyler Jackson [4]; 6. 98-Michael Canady [3]; 7. 32-Brad Bauer [6]; 8. 46-Jonathan Nause [9]; 9. 242-Blake Stieb [7]; 10. 41-Matthew Logan [10]

Heat 3 (10 Laps) (Top 4 transfer) – 1. 0-Kendal Tucker [1]; 2. 1-Austin Carr [3]; 3. 10-Jesse Enterkin [5]; 4. 77-Robert Fletcher [2]; 5. 923-Alex Rakers [6]; 6. 29-Richie Yost [10]; 7. 157-Drew Hopkins [9]; 8. 07-Allen Holbert [4]; 9. 92-Trent Hitchens [8]; 10. 54-Larry Barber Jr [7]

Heat 4 (10 Laps) (Top 4 transfer) – 1. 33-Evan Seay [2]; 2. 3-Carden Cochran [3]; 3. 12-Alex Bergeron [1]; 4. 85-Hunter Heck [7]; 5. 79-Tyler Bowman [8]; 6. 000-Kevin Dedmon [5]; 7. 029-Jacob Cook [9]; 8. 20-Joe Reuter [6]; 9. 15-Brett Punkari [4]

Last Chance Showdown 1 (14 Laps) (Top 4 transfer) – 1. 157-Drew Hopkins [6]; 2. 787-Cody Zobrist [3]; 3. 30-Maxime Plante [5]; 4. 71-Keven HÈbert [1]; 5. 07-Allen Holbert [8]; 6. 92-Trent Hitchens [10]; 7. 923-Alex Rakers [2]; 8. 26-Sage Luther [11]; 9. 34-Corey Mullinax [9]; 10. 55-Justin Ratermann [7]; 11. 29-Richie Yost [4]

Last Chance Showdown 2 (14 Laps) (Top 4 transfer) – 1. 8-Tyler Jackson [1]; 2. 000-Kevin Dedmon [4]; 3. 98-Michael Canady [3]; 4. 41-Matthew Logan [11]; 5. 79-Tyler Bowman [2]; 6. 32-Bradley Bauer [5]; 7. 20-Joe Reuter [8]; 8. 242-Blake Stieb [9]; 9. 15-Brett Punkari [10]; 10. 46-Jonathan Nause [7]; 11. 54-Larry Barber Jr [12]; 12. 029-Jacob Cook [6]

NO PROBLEM ON THE BOTTOM: Wilson Shines on New iRacing Update to Win DIRTcar eSports at Limaland

Californian becomes second repeat winner in eSports history in Drydene Pro Late Model Showdown

LIMA, OH – Four starts in DIRTcar eSports competition for iRacing Pro Dylan Wilson. Two Feature wins and two runner-up finishes to show for it.

And what a unique win it was for the Bakersfield, CA-native, having won on the brand-new simulation update from iRacing that was finalized just hours before the green flag was thrown. A new feature that accounts for the moisture in layers beneath the racing surface rolling to the bottom of the track in banked areas was added to all dirt ovals, including Ohio’s Limaland Motorsports Park – the site of Wednesday’s Drydene DIRTcar eSports Pro Late Model Showdown.

The drivers seemed quite pleased with the new update, but none more than Wilson, who picked up a total of $325 in winnings and contingency for his victory in the 11th DIRTcar eSports event of the season.

At the drop of the green, the 2019 iRacing World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series World Champion Blake Matjoulis grabbed the lead and began to set the pace out front.

However, it was Wilsons’s D1RT Racing #80 using the bottom-middle lane to make the pass for the lead on Lap 3.

“I tried that groove a lane off the bottom above the tires and thought it was actually good, so I went there on the start,” Wilson said. “It seemed to stay good all race. I kept watching the splits and they would grow just a hair, lap-after-lap. I just stayed right where I was and didn’t have to move around much.”

Wilson fought through several groups of lapped traffic but was able to keep the lead as the field found its first caution flag of the night on Lap 19 of the 40-lap Drydene Feature.

Back a bit further in the field was the two-time iRacing World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car World Champion Alex Bergeron battling with fellow iRacing Pros Devon Morgan and Kendal Tucker. They got it sorted out after the restart as Bergeron took second behind Wilson and Tucker chasing Morgan down for third.

Joe Grabianowski Photo

Tucker soon switched from the middle groove back to the top side and got a big run on Morgan for third on Lap 32. It took a slide job in Turns 3-4 to get it to work, but Tucker was able to hang on through Wilson’s rebuttal slider the very next corner and take the spot permanently.

Tucker gave a big tip-of-the-hat to the iRacing staff for its newest update – one he feels played a role in his, and everyone else’s, ability to run the bottom and the middle.

“I thought the racetrack was really good,” Tucker said of the simulation update. “Everybody was making the bottom to middle work, it seemed like. I was able to run the top just as fast, and there were definitely two-to-three grooves right there in that track.”

Bergeron came out on top of the mad scramble for second near the midway point of the race and said he truly could feel the difference in the way each of the grooves on the track came in throughout the night.

“With this new update, I feel like this really helped the racing,” Bergeron said. “A lot more lines, a lot more racing for sure. We tried some stuff, tried the outside, and to come away with second place is very, very good.”

Bergeron settled-in behind Wilson by the home stretch, and despite having won three DIRTcar eSports races prior, was satisfied with just a runner-up result Wednesday night.

“If I would have got to Wilson, I would have tried to pass him. But with the lapped cars there, I just wished for a good race and to be able to win it fair,” Bergeron said.

Joe Grabianowski Photo

“It’s tough to just go out there and pass somebody like that. We’re all very good, and you need them to make mistakes to be able to pass somebody.”

But in the end, nobody was catching Wilson. With only a few lapped cars still in his path, Wilson cruised across the line for his second career victory with the DIRTcar eSports league.

In the closing laps, Tucker was turning some of the fastest laps of the race. The problem – the leader was a full straight-away ahead. Despite not being able to catch Wilson in the closing laps, Tucker was confident he had the hot rod to do it, had the race been a bit longer distance.

“We were tracking down the leaders pretty quick,” Tucker said. “I just wish it might have been 50 laps. I don’t know if we could have got them, but we definitely would have got there to them at the rate we were going.”

“We just needed a caution right there. We had the speed again, just needed a little luck and it to play out differently.”


Drydene Feature (40 laps) – 1. 80-Dylan Wilson [3]; 2. 12-Alex Bergeron [5]; 3. 00-Kendal Tucker [2]; 4. 33-Evan Seay [6]; 5. 127-Blake Matjoulis [1]; 6. 112-Devon Morgan [7]; 7. 033-Richard Murtaugh Jr. [9]; 8. 63-Clifford Driskel [10]; 9. 0-Kevin Dedmon [4]; 10. 3-Dylan Thomas [13]; 11. 03-Hunter Stiffler; 12. 27-Jeremy Rose [15]; 13. 500-Tyler Berry [17]; 14. 171-Brandon Freeburg [12]; 15. 75-Brandon Dobbratz [16]; 16. 08-Coty Slawson [14]; 17. 8-Tyler Jackson [8]; 18. 13-Justin Flagg [19]; 19. 14-Braden Johnson [23]; 20. 22-AJ Albreada [21]; 21. 229-Jacob Cook [20]; 22. 012-Peggy Evans [24]; 23. 48-Scott Fritz [18]; 24. 96-Logan Matthews [22]

FALS NEVER FAILS: Bergeron Beats Tucker and Jackson After Intense Last-Laps Battle at Fairbury

FAIRBURY, IL – 305s, 360s or 410s. It just doesn’t matter what class he races; Alex Bergeron shows up to every Sprint Car race he enters and shows exactly why he is the two-time and defending iRacing World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series World Champion.

He was the first to become a two-time victor with the DIRTcar eSports league back in June, and now Bergeron’s done it yet again with a big win in Wednesday night’s VP Racing Fuels 305 Sprint Car Showdown at Fairbury Speedway.

Taking the lead from Tyler Jackson in the final laps after a race-long battle with he and Kendal Tucker, Bergeron showed the DIRTVision presented by Drydene audience just how exciting and competitive the DIRTcar eSports league is every week.

“Qualified first, won the Heat Race and won the Feature, so I can’t ask for more,” Bergeron told announcer Chase Raudman in the DIRTVision post-race interview.

Bergeron may have won the war, but he initially did not win the battle of the opening stages, despite leading the first lap.

Jumping to the early race lead was DIRTcar Street Stock guru Tyler Jackson, who had a very impressive run inside the podium throughout the race, mixing it up with the iRacing Pro-license drivers while trying to become the very first non-Pro driver to win a DIRTcar eSports event.

Through the first three quarters of the race, it looked as though Jackson was going to break through and accomplish the feat, leading laps 2-27 of the 30-lap contest.

Bergeron was running third with four laps to go after chasing fellow iRacing Pro Kendal Tucker and leader Jackson for most of the race in traffic. With the race going caution-free, lapped traffic played a big role in the outcome, as a slower car was thrown right in the middle of the leaders’ race with just three circuits remaining.

The top-three of Bergeron (12), Tucker (10) and Jackson (1a) battle for position in lapped traffic. (Joe Grabianowski Photo)

Going down the backstretch with just five laps remaining, Jackson had committed to the low side of a lapped car heading into Turn 3 while Tucker went to his outside. The slower car bobbled and made contact with Tucker, sending both into the outside wall and opening the door for Bergeron to slip right through the middle for second.

“The lap car was there, Tucker went to the outside, I took the middle and just sent it in there. [Tucker] got shoved out, so I took the spot. I ran the top and just tried to be as fast as possible and get around Tyler [Jackson], and that’s what I did,” Bergeron said of the pass for second.

With Tucker behind him, Bergeron made a beeline for Jackson’s spot out front. Using that high side momentum, the Team ABR-pilot took advantage of another slower car right in Jackson’s middle groove just two laps later and took the lead away as they crossed the line with two-to-go.

Jackson and Tucker came together on the white-flag lap, allowing Tucker to scoot by for second and moving Jackson back to third. Back out front, it was all Bergeron, who crossed the line first on Lap 30 to pick up the $300 victory and the $25 bonus from VP Racing Fuels.

After the checkered, Bergeron commended Jackson and his skills, running out front with he and Tucker as a non-iRacing Pro.

“He was pretty good. I didn’t know who he was, but he was pretty good, for sure. I’m glad that he was able to get up here; it was a fun race,” Bergeron said of Jackson.

Back in second, behind Bergeron for what is now the third time in his DIRTcar eSports career, and fifth runner-up finish overall, Tucker felt the bad luck falling on him again Wednesday night.

Jackson (1a) battling with Bergeron (12) for position early in the race. (Joe Grabianowski Photo)

“Honestly, just another Kendal Tucker-type of run,” Tucker said after the race. “Always up front, and something just always happens. I was able to catch back up to Tyler [Jackson] right there with about four-to-go, and I was going to make a move on him… I guess the dude who was apologizing was the lapper who slid all the way up the front stretch and pretty much ended all hope for me in winning that race.”

As for the Street Stock prodigy and his impressive run up front, Jackson was just thrilled to even be up front with such great competition, especially in a car class he very rarely is seen in.

“I’m pretty excited to run that well, but it sucks leading all those laps and losing,” Jackson said. “But, [Bergeron and Tucker] are pros for a reason. I don’t really even drive the Sprint Cars much, I just drive Street Stocks and Late Models.”


The DIRTcar eSports league action continues in just two weeks’ time – DIRTcar Pro Late Models tackle the Limaland Motorsports Park on Sept. 9. Fixed setups, $20 registration fee with $300 going to the winner. $200 for second, $100 for third and contingencies for all qualifying events available.

Catch all the action LIVE on DIRTVision presented by Drydene!

1. 12-Alex Bergeron (1) [$300]; 2. 10-Kendal Tucker (3) [$200]; 3. 8-Tyler Jackson (2) [$100]; 4. 17-Bruce Jones (6) [$75]; 5. 46-Jonathan Nause (5) [$50]; 6. 99-Jayton Parrish (11) [$45]; 7. 069-Brian Smith (7) [$40]; 8. 11-Sterling Beard (13) [$35]; 9. 55-Joe Grabianowski (8) [$30]; 10. 917-Phillip Young (10) [$25]; 11. 126-Jeffrey Eddy (9) [$20]; 12. 113-Danny Chandler (12) [$20]; 13. 7-Brent Shearer (4) [$20]; 14. 13-Matthew Windhausen (14) [$20]

DOUBLE-ZERO HERO: Tucker Breaks Bridesmaid Streak, Wins DIRTcar eSports at Eldora

Tucker bests iRacing Champ Bergeron in VP Racing Fuels Pro Late Model action

ROSSBURG, OH – Finally. After three-straight runner-up finishes, twice behind one of his biggest rivals, Kendal Tucker is a DIRTcar eSports winner.

The Swindell SpeedLab eSports star finished second to fellow iRacing Pro driver Alex Bergeron in two of the last three races and found himself in a similar spot Wednesday night at the virtual Eldora Speedway, staring down the rear spoiler of Bergeron, who had led the first 19 laps of the 50-lap contest.

And after getting beat by Bergeron almost six weeks ago in the DIRTcar Pro Late Model division, Tucker wasn’t about to let it happen again. He made a terrific move to the outside of Bergeron’s ABR #12 on a Lap 20 restart, beat him back to the line and led the rest of the way to collect a big $300 check in the VP Racing Fuels Pro Late Model Showdown.

“We’ve been trying the last three or four times they’ve put these races on to win one, and we’ve been in contention to win them all, just had some bad luck and three second-place finishes to show for it,” Tucker told DIRTcar eSports announcer Hannah Newhouse in the DIRTVision post-race interview. “I’m just glad to finally get one of these wins.”

Coming from fifth on the starting grid, Tucker spent only a short time in the low groove before putting his #00 right on the top side and carefully began picking off spots in the opening laps. A big slide job thrown on Cometic Gasket Quick Time Award winner Evan Seay on Lap 10 moved him into second, about 10 car-lengths behind Bergeron, and Tucker’s pursuit of the lead began.

Tucker (00) making the pass on Evan Seay (35) for second (Joe Grabianowski Photo)

The race’s first caution was thrown on Lap 17, which re-stacked the field and put Tucker to Bergeron’s outside. Tucker got a great restart and carried his top-side momentum down the backstretch, taking the lead away from Bergeron as the field rounded Turn 4 and passed under the flag stand as another caution was quickly displayed, setting Tucker as the race leader.

This time, Tucker was the one to choose the inside lane for the restart and made the most of it, slamming the door shut on Bergeron’s attempt to drive down even lower as the field barreled into Turn 1. The two traded some paint before the exchange was over, but Tucker made it stick on the top side.

Now just past halfway, Tucker took the lead and ran with it. Making slight work of lapped traffic on the top side with Bergeron right on his tail the entire time, Tucker never once broke his concentration, leading the field all the way back to the finish and fending off Bergeron’s surge in the closing laps.

“He closed in on me with about 10 to go, and I started hitting my marks, being a little smoother and I started pulling away,” Tucker said. “I really didn’t want to give that one away when I saw him closing in on me like that. He was going to have to do everything to get by me.”

Tucker in hot pursuit of the lead (Joe Grabianowski Photo)

Once they were clear of lapped traffic, Tucker and Bergeron were able to break away from the rest of the pack using a very creative line, dive-bombing into the corners then pushing way up to the outside wall on corner exit. In the end, Tucker said it was his smoothness in this line that carried him to victory.

“I was trying to position the car to where it needed to be to catch the moisture off the cushion on both ends because the curb up there was really big and really fast,” Tucker said.

One spot further back found a stumped Alex Bergeron, who ran a great race overall and provided some relentless pressure on Tucker throughout, but was unable to come up with the kryptonite for the leader’s strength in the end.

“The right side of the spoiler was bent and that costs a lot of speed in these cars,” Bergeron said. “It’s tough to get in the race when someone jumps the start like that, so there’s nothing we could have done there. This track was just one-laned, nothing we could have done.”

Alex Bergeron (12) and Evan Seay bring the field to the green flag at Eldora (Joe Grabianowski Photo)

Kevin Dedmon, the DIRTcar eSports Street Stock Showdown winner at Lanier, picked up the DIRTVision Hard Charger award in the VP Racing Fuels Feature after a solid run to complete the podium from eighth on the starting grid. He preferred the bottom lane at the start, and said it began to work for him as the race progressed.

“I was able to make it work a little bit, though, and get up to third by the end of the race, but it was just too little, too late,” Dedmon said. “I would have loved to have seen a caution there with 5 or 10 to go and seen if I could have found some magic at the end.”

The DIRTcar eSports action continues in two weeks when the DIRTcar 360 Sprint Cars tackle virtual Kokomo Speedway on DIRTVision! Drivers can register for this and all future events at DIRTcar.com/eSports.

VP RACING FUELS Feature (50 laps) — 1. 00-Kendal Tucker [5] [$300]; 2.12-Alex Bergeron [2] [$200]; 3. 0-Kevin Dedmon [8] [$100]; 4. 74-Blake Brown [4] [$75]; 5. 35-Evan Seay [1] [$50]; 6. 8-Tyler Jackson [3] [$45]; 7. 3-Barrett Bishop [9] [$40]; 8. 99-Mike McKinney[6] [$35]; 9. 39-Ian Blanchard [12] [$30]; 10. 9-Chad Combs [7] [$25];11. 69-Hank Silver [13] [$20]; 12. 15-Brett Punkari [14] [$20]; 13.32-Bradley Bauer [16] [$20]; 14. 76-Broc Lawrence [11] [$20]; 15.7-Aaron Sparks [10] [$20]; 16. 46-Jonathan Nause [15] [$20]; 17.19-Chris Dolack [17] [$20]. Lap leaders: Alex Bergeron 1-18, Kendal Tucker 19-50. DIRTVision Hard Charger: Kevin Dedmon +5.

RACING ELECTRONICS Qualifying — 1. 35-Evan Seay [16.375] [$25/CometicGaskets]; 2. 12-Alex Bergeron [16.387]; 3. 8-Tyler Jackson [16.398];4. 74-Blake Brown [16.419]; 5. 9-Chad Combs [16.419]; 6. 99-Mike McKinney [16.483]; 7. 00-Kendal Tucker [16.492]; 8. 0-Kevin Dedmon[16.51]; 9. 3-Barrett Bishop [16.544]; 10. 39-Ian Blanchard [16.549]; 11. 76-Broc Lawrence [16.622]; 12. 7-Aaron Sparks [16.64]; 13.46-Jonathan Nause [16.688]; 14. 15-Brett Punkari [16.755]; 15. 69-Hank Silver [16.756]; 16. 32-Bradley Bauer [16.816]; 17. 19-Chris Dolack [17.973].

DRYDENE Heat 1 (10 laps) — 1. 35-Evan Seay [1] [$25]; 2. 8-Tyler Jackson [2]; 3. 00-Kendal Tucker [4]; 4. 9-Chad Combs [3]; 5. 3-Barrett Bishop [5]; 6. 76-Broc Lawrence [6]; 7. 69-Hank Silver [8];8. 46-Jonathan Nause [7]; 9. 19-Chris Dolack [9].

COMP CAMS Heat 2 (10 laps) — 1. 12-Alex Bergeron [1]; 2. 74 -Blake Brown [2]; 3. 99-Mike McKinney [3]; 4. 0-Kevin Dedmon [4]; 5. 7-Aaron Sparks [6]; 6. 39-Ian Blanchard [5]; 7. 15-Brett Punkari [7]; 8.32-Bradley Bauer [8].