BITE BACK: Jackson Returns to Street Stock Victory Lane at Weedsport

After three-straight weeks marred by penalties and disqualifications, defending DIRTcar eSports Street Stock League champion Tyler Jackson returned to Victory Lane last Wednesday night at Weedsport Speedway.

Jackson capitalized on the invert in his Heat Race to pick up the win in the eight-lap dash and claim a P4 starting spot for the 35-lap Feature. It didn’t take long for him to march his way to the head of the field, advancing to second only five laps in.

A caution-filled opening 10 laps played right into Jackson’s hands, enabling him to pass cars and instantly make up ground on his opponents ahead. Upon catching leader Drew Hopkins on Lap 7, the caution was thrown again, putting Jackson right to the outside of Hopkins for the restart.

At the drop of the green, Jackson used the high-side momentum to sneak past Hopkins for the lead on the top. The yellow was once again thrown just after the two crossed the start/finish line to complete Lap 8, making Jackson the new race leader.

Jackson (8) battling with Hopkins (157) and Thomas (03) for the lead in the opening laps.

Once the restarts were changed to single-file for the remainder of the race, Jackson took off and set it on cruise control, leading the final 27 circuits around the virtual rendition of Weedsport to bag his first League victory of the season.

Three-time Season 5 Feature winner Jaycee Floyd finished runner-up after trouble in his Heat Race, transferring in through a B-Main and driving all the way from 17th on the grid to bag P2. Hopkins held on for third and shrunk points leader Kyle Jared’s advantage down to 92 points with two races left on the season.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (35 laps) – 1. 822-Tyler Jackson3 [4]; 2. 18-Jaycee Floyd [17]; 3. 157-Drew Hopkins [2]; 4. 37-Brunson Behning2 [8]; 5. 3-Dylan D Thomas [3]; 6. 26-Sage Luther [14]; 7. 52-Billy Northcutt [1]; 8. 55-Cruise Caudell [23]; 9. 45-Kyle Jared [19]; 10. 71-Daniel Stiffler [12]; 11. 2-Ty Dickenson [18]; 12. 5-Dylan Petty [16]; 13. 43-Grady Ehrman [10]; 14. 64-Logan Koteles [13]; 15. 84-Bryce Dickenson [11]; 16. 97-Rocky Battenfield [5]; 17. 22-Joshua Thomas4 [20]; 18. 7-Justin Hopkins2 [24]; 19. 87-Rusty Bilger [15]; 20. 100-Christopher Hill9 [9]; 21. 11-Dustin Fryer [22]; 22. 5-Isaac Salas [7]; 23. 27-Brady Thompson2 [21]; 24. 9-Shawn Hayes [6]

PHOTO FINISH: Battenfield Edges Jared, Behning by .024 to Win at Knoxville

Several of iRacing’s greatest dirt racers have found their way to DIRTcar eSports Victory Lane since its establishment in 2020. Rocky Battenfield may have just produced one of the most exciting in Street Stock League history Wednesday night, beating points leader Kyle Jared and Brunson Behning to the finish line by .024 seconds to score his first career DIRTcar eSports Feature win.

Battenfield, the iRacing Street Stock veteran racer from Oklahoma, started on the pole and took the early lead, holding off all challengers through the first 20 laps of the 30-lap event. After a few restarts, League points leader Jared had ramped-up momentum and gave Battenfield a serious challenge to his inside, taking the lead briefly on Lap 25 with a strong run through Turns 1-2.

As soon as Battenfield retook the lead out of Turn 4, a caution flag was displayed, pausing the battle briefly. After the ensuing restart, the battle came to a boiling point.

Coming to the white flag, Jared and Behning trailed Battenfield by only a bumper’s length and charged into Turn 1. Behning gave Battenfield a nudge on his left-rear corner out of Turn 2 and got under the #97 going into Turn 3. Jared, who carried momentum on the top out of Turn 2, quickly changed lanes entering Turn 3 and darted his #045 to the very bottom underneath both Behning and Battenfield, making it a three-wide drag race for the win coming to the checkered flag.

Without any big contact, Battenfield barely edged both drivers at the line to take the win and the $100 check.

“Whooo, I tell you what, I am sweating bullets right now,” Battenfield said in the DIRTcar eSports Twitch post-race interview. “That was so much fun.

“I figured if I could just hold the bottom, I would be okay, but even [Jared] was getting a pretty good run on the outside of me. He’d catch me in the right-rear a little bit going into Turn 3, which really tightened me up, but… that finish, how about that?”

Jared held onto second at the line and again increased his points lead, while Behning crossed in third – a career best with DIRTcar eSports.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (30 laps) – 1. 97-Rocky Battenfield [1]; 2. 45-Kyle Jared [9]; 3. 37-Brunson Behning2 [14]; 4. 52-Billy Northcutt [13]; 5. 18-Jaycee Floyd [3]; 6. 1-Kaden Reynolds [4]; 7. 26-Sage Luther [2]; 8. 13-Justin Hopkins2 [10]; 9. 68-Ronald Pyles [6]; 10. 27-Joshua Thomas4 [15]; 11. 5-Ian Goode [24]; 12. 2-Ty Dickenson [8]; 13. 5-Isaac Salas [22]; 14. 43-Grady Ehrman [5]; 15. 77-Kyle Ramsey2 [17]; 16. 33-Brady Thompson2 [7]; 17. 64-Logan Koteles [21]; 18. 42-John Quill [19]; 19. 22-Myles Morse [11]; 20. 109-Shawn Hayes [12]; 21. 71-Daniel Stiffler [16]; 22. 2-Clifford Bellomy [20]; 23. 41-Christopher Hill9 [23]; DQ. 822-Tyler Jackson3 [18]

Floyd Wins at Cedar Lake for Third-Straight Victory

For the first time in DIRTcar eSports Street Stock League history, a three-peat winner has emerged, as Jaycee Floyd collected his third Feature victory in four career starts last Wednesday night at iRacing‘s Cedar Lake Speedway.

Floyd started fourth on the grid in the 35-lap main event and worked his way past League points leader Kyle Jared for second on Lap 16. The caution flag was displayed two laps later, and Floyd lined up to the outside of race leader Chris Hill for the ensuing restart.

The green flag dropped, and Floyd made a power move around the outside of Hill down the backstretch to take the lead going into Turn 3. Floyd said the pass was all about getting the jump on the leader when the green came out.

“Once you learn where somebody likes to go, you kinda catch-on,” Floyd said in the DIRTcar eSports Twitch post-race interview. “I timed it right both times, and got to the top.”

Now out in front, Floyd led the field around the virtual 3/8-mile oval the rest of the distance, holding off the field behind him to bag another $100 check and his third-straight victory in the League.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (35 laps) – 1. 18-Jaycee Floyd [4]; 2. 45-Sage Luther [2]; 3. 45-Kyle Jared [8]; 4. 41-Isaac Salas [10]; 5. 157-Drew Hopkins [12]; 6. 84-Bryce Dickenson [3]; 7. 33-Logan Koteles [15]; 8. 100-Christopher Hill9 [1]; 9. 37-Brunson Behning2 [11]; 10. 26-Kyle Ramsey2 [21]; 11. 71-Daniel Stiffler [23]; 12. 1-Kaden Reynolds [9]; 13. 77-John Quill [16]; 14. 3-Joshua Ringer [24]; 15. 68-Ronald Pyles [20]; 16. 17-Branden Schirpke [18]; 17. 93-Cody Nehring [5]; 18. 22-Joshua Thomas4 [22]; 19. 11-Blake Bailey [6]; 20. 5-Charles Clise [14]; 21. 44-Justin Hopkins2 [19]; 22. 52-Billy Northcutt [17]; 23. 29-Dylan D Thomas [13]; DQ. 822-Tyler Jackson3 [7]

Floyd Wins Second-Straight After Jackson’s Penalty at Fairbury

Two wins in three starts for the DIRTcar eSports Street Stock League’s newest Feature winner, Jaycee Floyd.

The Iowa driver led the first 34 laps of the 35-lap main event at Fairbury Speedway before getting a strong challenge from defending League champion Tyler Jackson on the final lap. Floyd had been strong all race on the top side of the high-banked 1/4-mile, but suddenly swung his car down into the low/middle groove through Turns 3-4 to keep Jackson’s challenge at bay.

After getting a great run down the backstretch, Jackson drove hard into Turn 3 on the bottom and slid up the track, making contact with Floyd through Turn 4. The two drag raced down the frontstretch to the stripe; Jackson edging Floyd at the line by .055 seconds to steal the win on the final lap.

However, Jackson was later penalized in post-race review when it was discovered he had failed to drop to the tail of the field after entering the pits for a quick repair under yellow on Lap 9. Race officials assessed a two-spot penalty for each car Jackson started in front of on the restart following the Lap 9 caution, placing him 15th in the official results, and awarding Floyd with the victory.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (35 laps) – 1. 18-Jaycee Floyd [2]; 2. 157-Drew Hopkins [17]; 3. 45-Kyle Jared [22]; 4. 1-Kaden Reynolds [11]; 5. 64-Logan Koteles [6]; 6. 84-Bryce Dickenson [10]; 7. 71-Daniel Stiffler [8]; 8. 2-Ty Dickenson [5]; 9. 11-Dustin Fryer [24]; 10. 8-Cam Campbell [1]; 11. 5-Ian Goode [13]; 12. 43-Grady Ehrman [18]; 13. 3-Dylan D Thomas [21]; 14. 77-John Quill [20]; 15. 822-Tyler Jackson3 [12]; 16. 7-Evin Hinkle [19]; 17. 23-Branden Schirpke [23]; 18. 100-Christopher Hill9 [3]; 19. 27-Brady Thompson2 [4]; 20. 76-Robert Palmer8 [16]; 21. 121-Kevin M Davis [15]; 22. 20-Colt Currie [7]; 23. 52-Billy Northcutt [14]; 24. 5-Isaac Salas [9]

Floyd Wins at I-55 in Second Career Street Stock League Start

For the fourth time in four races, a new face has graced DIRTcar eSports Street Stock League Victory Lane.

Last Wednesday night, the Iowan conquered the Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55, winning separate battles with League regulars Isaac Salas and Kyle Jared in the second half of the 35-lapper to score his first DIRTcar eSports Feature win in only his second career start.

From seventh on the grid, Floyd advanced to sixth before the first caution flag was displayed on Lap 7. When the field went back to green, Floyd went on a spree, climbing sixth to the lead in six laps around the virtual 1/3-mile oval. Salas, the outside polesitter, took the lead back on Lap 14, while Floyd slipped back to second.

For the next seven laps, Salas and Floyd engaged in a merciless battle for the top spot, going side-by-side before Floyd edged ahead on Lap 21. A bit of beating-and-banging erupted in the process, inciting some frustration.

“I tried to give him as much room as I could on the bottom, because he had the line,” Floyd said in the DIRTcar eSports Twitch post-race interview. “Obviously, (at I-55), it’s on the bottom. So I figured I was giving him enough room that he could still do it, but he kept driving into my left-rear.

“But, it’s how anybody would be if they were racing for the lead. If someone’s gonna keep driving into you, you’re gonna say something, obviously. It was a good race with him.”

After the final restart on Lap 24, Floyd grabbed the lead and led the remaining 11 laps, holding off a hard charge from 11th-starting Kyle Jared to seal the victory.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (35 Laps) – 1. 18-Jaycee Floyd [7]; 2. 45-Kyle Jared [11]; 3. 15-Adam Carlisle [13]; 4. 39-Isaac Salas [2]; 5. 157-Drew Hopkins [17]; 6. 100-Christopher Hill9 [3]; 7. 52-Billy Northcutt [19]; 8. 71-Daniel Stiffler [10]; 9. 22-Joshua Thomas4 [20]; 10. 0-Bradlee Means [5]; 11. 84-Bryce Dickenson [21]; 12. 36-Dylan D Thomas [1]; 13. 822-Tyler Jackson3 [16]; 14. 46-Kyle Ramsey2 [23]; 15. 7-Seth Kastl [6]; 16. 11-Dustin Fryer [4]; 17. 68-Ronald Pyles [22]; 18. 2-Ty Dickenson [14]; 19. 20-Colt Currie [9]; 20. 43-Grady Ehrman [15]; 21. 64-Logan Koteles [12]; 22. 1-Joshua Ringer [8]; 23. 109-Shawn Hayes [18]

CHOMPED THE CHAMP: Caudell Passes Defending Champion Jackson Late to Win at Bristol

Cruise Caudell made it three first-time winners in three races to open up Season 5 for the DIRTcar eSports Street Stock League Wednesday night, passing defending champion Tyler Jackson in the closing laps to take the lead and the $100 victory at iRacing’s dirt-covered Bristol Motor Speedway.

Caudell, the House of Speed team driver from Hiawassee, GA, asserted his dominance around the half-mile throughout the two-round program, winning the first Preliminary Round Feature over Grady Ehrman and Daniel Stiffler and leading the transfer cars into the Final Round.

After turning the second-fastest lap in Qualifying, Caudell tucked-in behind polesitter Jackson through the opening circuits and nearly made the pass for the lead on him on Lap 6, but was forced back to second after an untimely caution flag was displayed before the leaders came back around to complete the lap.

“I thought I had gotten around him there for a little bit, and right when I was door-to-door with him, the caution came out and my heart sunk,” Caudell said. “Luckily, we were able to pull it off and come out with the win.”

Jackson led the field around for the next 13 laps and multiple restarts before Caudell was able to threaten for the lead again, which he did on Lap 19. Using the extreme low side of the banking, Caudell was able to dig-in underneath Jackson and nose ahead for the position at the start/finish line to take the lead, and soon after his first career DIRTcar eSports Feature victory.


1. 55-Cruise Caudell [2]; 2. 822-Tyler Jackson [1]; 3. 018-Jayce Floyd [5]; 4. 045-Kyle Jared [6]; 5. 21-Charles Barnes [3]; 6. 15-Adam Carlisle [4]; 7. 71-Daniel Stiffler [7]; 8. 157-Drew Hopkins [8]; 9. 3-James Richard [13]; 10. 43-Grady Ehrman [16]; 11. 5-Isaac Salas [11]; 12. 052-Billy Northcutt [9]; 13. 37-James Stockton [12]; 14. 51-Kyle Ramsey [15]; 15. 77-John Quill [22]; 16. 87-Rusty Bilger [21]; 17. 48-Kyle Vaughn [14]; 18. 2-Ty Dickenson [19]; 19. 100-Chris Hill [20]; 20. 1-Joshua Ringer [17]; 21. 64-Logan Koteles [10]; 22. 03-Dylan Thomas [23]; 23. 84-Bryce Dickenson [18]; DNS. 8-Cam Campbell

ONE START, ONE WIN: Hopkins Wins in Street Stock League Debut at Eldora

Surviving one of the most intense, lap-after-lap battles in DIRTcar eSports history, Drew Hopkins bagged his first career Street Stock League victory Wednesday night at Eldora Speedway. The former World of Outlaws championship series racer from Kentucky out-paced a relentless Kyle Jared and Johnny Ratley over 30 laps to claim victory in his first career start with the League.

Though he led 19 laps after starting on the pole, Hopkins did not have an easy path into the Final Round. He placed 11th in his Preliminary Round Feature after starting P5, narrowly making the cut into the main event with the penultimate transfer position. But, he turned it on in Final Round Qualifying, laying down the fastest lap overall at 19.520, giving him the pole position on the starting grid.

Hopkins encountered heavy competition early on from Preliminary Round Feature #2 winner Kyle Jared, swapping the lead back-and-forth several times over the course of the race. But Hopkins came out on top in the end, staying strong on the final restart in the closing laps to keep Jared at bay and seal the $100 victory.

“I’ve just got to thank Kyle for racing me clean there,” Hopkins said in the DIRTcar eSports Twitch post-race interview. “I knew early we had a little bit of contact, but that was fun. I knew that one restart with about six or seven-to-go there, he could’ve had me, and I told him when the yellow came out that I got lucky.

“I’ve just got to thank him for a clean race. All-in-all, I had to work for that one, but it was fun.”

Jared crossed the stripe in second with Ratley right behind in third, while Billy Northcutt scored his best League finish in fourth and Shawn Hayes rounding out the top-five.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 157-Drew Hopkins [1]; 2. 045-Kyle Jared [3]; 3. 1-Johnny Ratley [2]; 4. 052-Billy Northcutt [4]; 5. 9-Shawn Hayes [13]; 6. 822-Tyler Jackson [8]; 7. 51-Kyle Ramsey [5]; 8. 37-James Stockton [6]; 9. 71-Daniel Stiffler [9]; 10. 002-Clifford Bellomy [15]; 11. 20-Colt Currie [22]; 12. 00-Bradlee Means [19]; 13. 2-Ty Dickenson [10]; 14. 68-Ronald Pyles [16]; 15. 43-Grady Ehrman [21]; 16. 01-Joshua Ringer [17]; 17. 5-Dylan Petty [20]; 18. 91-Ben Choate [18]; 19. 97-Butch Baker [7]; 20. 4-Joey Brewer [14]; 21. 48-Kyle Vaughn [12]; 22. 8-Aidan Skraha [11]; 23. 41-Nick Davis [23]; DNS. 121-Kevin Davis

FIRST ON THE FIRST: Carlisle Wins First Career Feature in Season 5 Opener at Volusia

Adam Carlisle’s first career DIRTcar eSports victory came in the Street Stock League opener for Season 5 at Volusia Speedway Park last Wednesday night, narrowly escaping a non-transfer into the main event early on to come back and score the win in the Final Round program.

Carlisle, of Hobart, IN, recovered from a 19th-place starting spot in the Preliminary Round session #2 Feature to 12th by the checkered flag, taking the last transfer spot with him into the Final Round. A sixth-fastest lap in Qualifying there put him sixth on the starting grid for the 30-lap Final Round Feature, where he stayed up front the entire race, putting himself in the hunt for the lead in the closing laps.

When frontrunners Carl Kilgore and Cruise Caudell made contact after crossing the stripe with two laps left, the door opened for Carlisle to sneak by on the bottom and take the runner-up spot. Kilgore crossed the start/finish line first but was given a 30-second black flag penalty for the earlier contact, handing the win and the $100 check over to Carlisle.

“I just started racing again in January after a really long, several-year lay-off,” Carlisle said. “I’ve been putting in some work and practicing, and I’ve got some great teammates that help me. I certainly appreciate that, and it’s pretty cool for the first time out.”

Kilgore’s black flag penalty was later reversed to a two-position penalty upon review of post-race replays, leaving him with a third-place finish in the final results. Caudell finished second, while William Hargreaves and Keith Hackney rounded out the top-five.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 15-Adam Carlisle [6]; 2. 55-Cruise Caudell [4]; 3. 999-Carl Kilgore [3]; 4. 071-William Hargreaves [14]; 5. 69-Keith Hackney [1]; 6. 052-Billy Northcutt [7]; 7. 43-Grady Ehrman [17]; 8. 20-Colt Currie [18]; 9. 71-Daniel Stiffler [12]; 10. 50-Alex Bonsignore [23]; 11. 822-Tyler Jackson3 [9]; 12. 03-Dylan D Thomas [15]; 13. 64-Logan Koteles [16]; 14. 001-Blaise Rachels [2]; 15. 37-James Stockton2 [20]; 16. 53-Aidan Skraha [11]; 17. 14-Trey Mills [19]; 18. 2-Dylan R. Houser [8]; 19. 121-Kevin M Davis [22]; 20. 05-Christopher Hill9 [24]; 21. 51-Talon Pelfrey [5]; 22. 0-Jordan Gage [13]; 24. 5-Isaac Salas [10]; DQ. 8-Cam Campbell [21]

TRIP OF A LIFETIME: Dylan Yeager Scores Trip To 50th Super DIRT Week After 50-for-50 eSports Classic Victory

NAPA Super DIRT Week will make history in less than two weeks with its 50th Running at Oswego Speedway. However, one historic moment was already made for the event Tuesday night by a young iRacing driver.

iRacing pro driver Dylan Yeager, of Hamilton Township, NJ, captured his first career DIRTcar eSports victory in the inaugural Super DIRT Week 50-for-50 eSports Classic, winning a trip to be honored at the 50th Running of NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week, Oct. 3-9.

Yeager was awarded the grand prize package – an authentic Super DIRT Week experience that includes two weeklong passes to the event, a hotel room reservation, travel reimbursement, and a 1-of-1 custom winner’s trophy that will be presented on stage during the Friday Night Lights portion of Super DIRT Week on Friday, Oct. 7.

“It’s gonna be so awesome, I can’t believe it,” Yeager said. “This is so cool, it’s gonna be such a cool event.”

Yeager crossed the stripe almost 1.5 seconds ahead of the field in a dominating victory.

His path to Victory Hill at the virtual Weedsport Speedway almost ended early, however, as Yeager nearly reached iRacing’s incident point limit of 12x in Preliminary Round Feature #1 – which, if reached, would have disqualified him from competition. But he held it together in the closing circuits of the 30-lap event and drove his #48 Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified the remaining distance without incident to finish P5 and qualify for the Final Round.

From there, Yeager dominated. He turned the fastest lap in Final Round Qualifying to claim the pole for the 50-lap Feature and proceeded to put on a clinic, leading all 50 laps to score the win and the richest prize in DIRTcar eSports history.

“It’s awesome,” Yeager said. “It took so long to win a DIRTcar-sanctioned race for me, and it feels great. To do it in these cars… I love racing these things.”

Yeager will be attending Super DIRT Week with his father, and was emphatic about what he’s looking forward to the most.

“Just going there, meeting new people and checking out the racing,” Yeager said. “The track is awesome, I’ve seen videos from there, and I’m hoping this will be a cool event to go to. I’m excited.”

Fellow iRacing Pro license driver Tyler Ducharme, of Bomoseen, VT, climbed from seventh on the starting grid to finish second – his best career DIRTcar eSports finish – and collected a $200 prize. Preliminary Round Feature #1 winner Robby Swan, of Oswego, NY, rounded out the podium and collected a $100 check for his efforts.

Ducharme (25), Swan (37) and Gavin Collins (64) racing for second through Turns 1-2

Each of the top-10 finishers received a complimentary pass to watch the 50th Super DIRT Week on DIRTVision in addition to their cash prizes.

Race fans can watch the 50th Super DIRT Week on DIRTVision as well, starting with a day of practice for all divisions on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 1:45pm ET.

Tickets for the event are on sale now. Click here to purchase yours and experience the historic 50th NAPA Super DIRT Week.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Final Round Feature (50 Laps) – 1. 48-Dylan Yeager [1]; 2. 25-Tyler Ducharme [7]; 3. 37-Robby Swan [4]; 4. 64-Gavin Collins [2]; 5. 2-Matt S Sanders [9]; 6. 213-Jim Boniface [14]; 7. 9-Collin Murphy [12]; 8. 98-Logan Hickerson [15]; 9. 22-Nick Cooper [13]; 10. 13-Bryce Bailey [6]; 11. 5-Logan Roark [3]; 12. 7-Brandon McDonald [23]; 13. 17-Dylan Wilson [11]; 14. 20-Dylan DeWert Jr [20]; 15. 3-J Speedy Bresette [18]; 16. 28-Jeff Sharp [21]; 17. 16-Dylan D Thomas [24]; 18. 56-Aaron Brown12 [5]; 19. 72-David Cologgi [17]; 20. 44-John Ruggiero Jr. [16]; 21. 4-John Cannizzaro [19]; 22. 99-Brian Lawson [8]; 23. 88-William Watson4 [10]; 24. 15-Justin Sick [22]

DIGITAL DOMINATION: Seay Dominates Charlotte for $1,000 Win in Inaugural Digital Dash

One-hundred thirty nine other drivers signed-up for a chance to take down the best Dirt Oval racers in the biggest Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified event in iRacing history. In the end, all fell to their knees and bowed at the feet of CFM eSports ringer Evan Seay, who led all 50 laps of the inaugural DIRTcar Digital Dash to collect the biggest cash prize in DIRTcar eSports history.

“We’ve won here with DIRTcar eSports before in the Big Blocks, but that wasn’t with the competition we have here tonight,” Seay said. “It’s not easy, and it definitely feels great to come out here and win again, not just for $250 but for $1,000 is awesome.”

Seay is now $1,000 richer after dominating the second day of the two-day event, first winning Magnum Race Design Preliminary Round Feature #1 before setting quick time in Final Round Qualifying and winning the big show from the pole. The Matjoulis-Seay SpeedShop #33 fended off pressure from runner-up Dylan Houser all race long, mastering restarts to keep Houser’s #2 at bay behind him.

“I know Dylan is always going to be there on those restarts – he’ll trying anything he can to get you off your game,” Seay said. “It was hard to figure out which line to choose going into [Turn] 1. I didn’t know which line I’d go if I had him cleared to the top, or if I didn’t have him cleared what line I could go.”

Houser nearly had Seay cleared for the lead on one of the late-race restarts, but the yellow was quickly thrown right after and forced him back to second. Try as he may, Houser was unable to take advantage on the restarts and get by for the lead.

“It was very tough, especially with these cars how the wig-out so bad before you take the green or even just pacing,” Houser said. “[Seay] makes one little move and you don’t know if he went or if he didn’t. So, you’ve got a 50/50 shot at timing it right.”

Third-place Dylan Wilson earned Hard Charger honors after a shy Qualifying effort of 23rd placed him nearly dead-last on the starting grid. In the end, he avoided the accidents and made every lap count on his way to the front, collecting $500 for his efforts.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

DIRTcar Digital Dash Feature (50 laps) – 1. 33-Evan Seay; 2. 2-Dylan Houser; 3. 80-Dylan Wilson; 4. 12-Alex Bergeron; 5. 02-Bryce Bailey; 6. 213-Jim Boniface; 7. 21-Caleb Schellenberg; 8. 85-Hunter Heck; 9. 42-Jordan Casey; 10. 6-Koulten Herbert; 11. 19-Mike Augustine; 12. 91-Felix Roy; 13. 002-Logan Gill; 14. 13-Aiden Bierlein; 15. 157-Drew Hopkins; 16. 82-Dalton DeWert; 17. 96-Gunnar Swanchara; 18. 88-William Watson; 19. 75-Ryan Gofmanas; 20. 32-Izaak Deoliveira; 21. 00-Kendal Tucker; 22. 37-Robby Swan; 23. 74-Loic Bernier; 24. 5-Isaac Salas